500 Scientists with Documented Doubts - about the Heartland Institute?

UPDATE: we have received notes now from 45 outraged scientists whose names appear on the list of 500. We've published more quotes here.

Dozens of scientists are demanding that their names be removed from a widely distributed Heartland Institute article entitled 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares.

The article, by Hudson Institute director and Heartland “Senior Fellow” Dennis T. Avery (inset), purports to list scientists whose work contradicts the overwhelming scientific agreement that human-induced climate change is endangering the world as we know it.

DeSmogBlog manager Kevin Grandia emailed 122 of the scientists yesterday afternoon, calling their attention to the list. So far - in less than 24 hours - three dozen of those scientists had responded in outrage, denying that their research supports Avery's conclusions and demanding that their names be removed.

This is a brief taste of some of the responses that have been copied to the DeSmogBlog so

I am horrified to find my name on such a list. I have spent the last 20 years arguing the opposite.”

Dr. David Sugden. Professor of Geography, University of Edinburgh

I have NO doubts ..the recent changes in global climate ARE man-induced. I insist that you immediately remove my name from this list since I did not give you permission to put it there.”

Dr. Gregory Cutter, Professor, Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University

I don't believe any of my work can be used to support any of the statements listed in the article.”

Dr. Robert Whittaker, Professor of Biogeography, University of Oxford

Please remove my name. What you have done is totally unethical!!”

Dr. Svante Bjorck, Geo Biosphere Science Centre, Lund University

I'm outraged that they've included me as an “author” of this report. I do not share the views expressed in the summary.”

Dr. John Clague, Shrum Research Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University

The DeSmogBlog will follow up with additional postings of scientist reaction as it comes in.

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Okay, so the IPCC has a trumped up number of 2500 scientists who all signed onto their report. We all know that isn’t true. And you find a few on the list of 500.

There is 2 scientists from my country on this list, I suggest if you see someone from your country or institution on this list to enquire them about their relationship with this so called “heartland institute”

What country is that?

And by the way, I am outraged that they left out everyone from the National Resource Something Program.

Not Really Science People
Fern Mackenzie

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I just checked out Bjorck, Svante, Lund University, Sweden from the “500 list” who is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science[1], he was also he chair of the geology section of said academy which wrote this in response to the IPCC report:

Klass V anser att den vetenskapliga basen för att bedöma klimatproblemet nu är så stabil att det motiverar omfattande satsningar för att utveckla metoder att begränsa utsläpp av växthusgaser och för att mildra negativa konsekvenser av pågående och kommande klimatförändringar.[2]

Quick translation to english:

Class V [the Geo. Science group] regards the scientific basis to judge the climate crisis is now so stable that it motivates vast investments to develop methods to lower emissions of green house gases and to soothe the negative consequences of current and future climate change.

I should probably drop him an e-mail if he hasn’t already been asked. Is it any official list to tick of so we don’t spam some of these scientists with multiple questions about the same thing?

1. http://www.kva.se/KVA_Root/eng/contact/contactdetail.asp?personID=4413
2. http://www.kva.se/KVA_Root/publications/academythink/07climate_group.pdf

10%….sounds like a conspiracy huh?
Ask the IPCC for their list of 2200 scientist who believe in man-made global change. Then ask those scientists if this is their belief…..
Oh wait…the IPCC will NOT release their list. I guess they have something to hide…or sell. cheers

Michael, what do you mean they haven’t released their list? Have you read the report?

The list of scientists involved in writing and reviewing the reports are given in Annex 2 and 3 of the WG1 report (“We’re the ones doing it”), Appendix II and III of the WG2 report (“It’s gonna be bad”), and Annex III and IV of the WG3 report (“Here’s what we can do about it”).

The scientists who did the original research cited throughout the report are listed with the references for each individual chapter, much like any scientific paper.

I’ll even provide the URLs. However, I can’t do your homework for you. (Horse, water, and all that.)


Feel free to ask them. I’m calling your bluff.

“Feel free to ask them. I’m calling your bluff.”

oh, bam! now they’ve got their leg work cut out for them. not that they’ll bother; knee-kerk denials are so much easier….


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The report I saw AR4 showed 32ish on the Core Writing team
230ish on the Review Team

Hardly seems like a consensus of 2400
So we need to assume that if they did not respond than they are in the affirmative?
Do we assume that only 10% of the 2400 had an opinion of the matter?
Does this constitute the end of debate on a matter?

Rook to queen 3

The report I saw AR4 showed 32ish on the Core Writing team 230ish on the Review Team

I’ve seen no such list. Evidence please.

Q-B8 ch

Best, D


start at page 15. i roughly estimate about 600 plus contributors and 550 plus reviewers. add to that your 32ish and 230ish, and that 2400 looms.

king me!


Enough with the “my list of scientists is longer than YOUR list of scientists” nonsense. Have a look at the quality of the research. What’s getting published in reputable journals? What are the scientists actually saying? Clear the air of all the PR crap (which is what this blog is doing) and you will find that the science is actually quite settled. Avery is not only a bad judge of facial hair and eyewear, he is unable to distinguish between what he wants a scientist to conclude, and what that scientist actually DOES conclude from his research.

Oh what the heck. It’s been a long day.

Fern Mackenzie

Now that both the atmosphere and oceans are cooling, what are the alarmists going to do for an encore? Let’s try stopping volcanoes next. The science is surely settled on that issue, as well.

Urban legends don’t count as scientific evidence. The “Global warming has stopped” rumour’s been floating around since 1995. The weirdos making this claim are still using the same graph with different dates on the horizontal axis.

So the fact that record cooling patterns are now occcurring around the globe is merely what? Knee-jerk commentary and not worth explaining?
Whatever, this is really about taking over more control over peoples lives in the westen countries while allowing an emerging super power….China which already snears and laughs at any attemps to be told what to do. Last I checked India is growing faster now as well and will not bow down to this hype. Just keep talking to the chickens littles of the world. Disgusting fodder, the lot of you.

“…the fact that record cooling patterns are now occcurring around the globe…”

Actually this is not a fact.

The article is NOT entitled ‘500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares’ … but ‘500 Scientists Whose Research Contradicts Man-Made Global Warming Scares’

The focus is on the peer-reviewed studies, and they are all listed here with title of the studies and then names beneath each title: http://www.heartland.org/pdf/21977.pdf

The point is not that all researchers supports all conclusions, but that different studies supports some of the conclusions. So whats the point of emailing the researchers if you do not get the point yourself?

I read these Global Warming articles and keep wondering why this video with many scientist references and facts is never talked about… http://www.rightalk.com/asx/ggws.asx …. Just a healthy counterpoint for global warming supporters, comment on it all you want, just give it a chance and watch it before passing judgement…

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purports to list scientists whose work contradicts the overwhelming scientific agreement that human-induced climate change is endangering the world as we know it

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