90 Canadian Climate Scientists Plead for Political Leadership

Ninety of Canada's most accomplished and reputable climate scientists have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, pleading for sensible policy to address the impend threats of climate change.

The letter is an apparent response to an earlier petition, signed by 60 “accredited experts” who were disputing the reality of climate change and urging the government to take no policy action pending “further study.” Of the 60 signatories, just 20 were Canadian – the remainder being a catch-all of international climate change deniers and energy-industry funded consultants. At least one of the Canadian signatories has since moved to distance himself from this group, adding his name instead to the new letter (see next post).

New new letter both sets out the current case for the risks of climate change and urges federal political leadership, as well as greater investment in climate research.

The next four posts include the new letter; the list of scientists; the backgrounder; and the original climate change deniers' petition.

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