A Chillingly Current Scenario

Scientists have uncovered more evidence for a dramatic weakening in the vast ocean current that drags warm water northwards from the tropics. The slowdown, which climate modellers have predicted will follow global warming, has been confirmed by the most detailed study yet of ocean flow in the Atlantic. Most alarmingly, the data reveal that a part of the current, which is usually 60 times more powerful than the Amazon river, came to a temporary halt during November 2004. 


It seems that with the accelerating loss of the Greenland ice sheet and the resulting loss of salinity and temperature change in the North Atlantic that the shutdown of the north atlantic current has begun in earnest.For many years now scientists have been telling us this is a consequence of global warming. This current will be impossible to restart. It moves billions of pounds per square inch of water, thereby putting billions of joules of energy into the climate system. With the accelerating loss of permafrost in the Siberian tundra and the projected increase in co2 emissions as China and India continue their economic expansion the situation is beyond grim. AS I said before, 80% to 90% reductions of co2 emissions are needed right now. LoveLock and others, as do I, believe that this reduction will not even be enough. The runaway greenhouse effect is clearly possible.The water wars of the Western US will make the current water wars in the third world look tame. The borders of the US will be inundated with millions of climate refugees looking for fresh water. The glaciers and snowpacks of the Rocky mountains will disappear, as will the glaciers that water northern China. Water bills will skyrocket worldwide, as desertification vastly accelerates from todays current desertification nightmare.Darwinian evolution will select aginst the humans, and the reign of man over nature will end by the 22nd century. Thanks a lot, Republican party.