A Message for the New Year

Tue, 2007-01-02 12:03Richard Littlemore
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A Message for the New Year

“What keeps me going is my belief that there is still a chance of avoiding catastrophe.”

John P. Holdren, an energy and environment expert at Harvard and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The New York Times' Andy Revkin is probably the most cautious environment reporter on the continent. He's hyper-sensitive both to the lofty reputation of the NYT and to the controversy (phony or otherwise) surrounding the climate change conversation. So, in this piece , he extends one very careful foot into the new year, acknowledging uncertainty where it exists, but recognizing the risk that global warming presents if humankind is not intelligent enough to start investing in risk abatement.

Are there any objections from our periodic detractors that this be a foundation stone for a 2007 consensus on climate change?


Leave it to Washington's top attack-dog lobbyist Richard Berman to verify what many always suspected: that the oil and gas industry uses dirty tricks to undermine science, vilify its critics and discredit journalists who cast doubt on the prudence of fossil fuels.

In a speech at an industry conference in June, surreptitiously recorded by an energy executive, Rick Berman, the foremost go-to guy for Republican smear campaigns, gave unusually candid advice to a meeting of drilling companies.

Think of this as an endless war,” he told executives in a...

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