Advocating Sane International Climate Policy

Grist Magazine has an interview with Sir David King, who stands as the pointy end of Tony Blair's climate change policy apparatus. An excerpt:

Grist: You've been heckled at your lectures by U.S. climate skeptics who argue that climate science is “in its infancy” – an opinion that has also been voiced by members of the Bush administration. Sir David King: I've been chased around by several people funded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute who make these kind of statements that simply fly in the face of all the evidence. To say that climate science is in its infancy is quite simply puerile. The greenhouse effect was established by [Joseph] Fourier back in 1827. By 1896, [Svante] Arrhenius had calculated that we would see global warming by five degrees centigrade if the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere doubled. That's pretty close to what current scientists are saying. So the state of knowledge is 100 years old plus.