Al Gore Has a Whack at Bender

Sat, 2006-08-19 12:49Richard Littlemore
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Al Gore Has a Whack at Bender

More silly Futurama video from Youtube here. What the heck? It's the weekend.

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I take it you don’t read your own blog. 

oh crap, linked to wrong vid.  :-p

well I thought I first saw it on this blog.  

<—— jerk

 thats what I get for posting at 5AM

Keeping us on our toes is one of the great things about having an open-access comment section on our blogs.

ya, you guys do great work, keep it up.

Btw, did you see the penn and teller episode on climate change?  It was full of a million holes.  They even interview Ross Gelbspan and make him look like an “environmental wacko”.

Since he posts here I’m kind of shocked you guys haven’t done a retort…. If you have I couldn’t find it w/ search.