Alberta Deputy Premier's "Mission Accomplished" Blog Missing In Action

Earlier today,we had a bunch of emails sent to us with a link to a blog set up by Alberta Deputy Premier Ron Stevens. The blog was set up to chronicle Steven's Alberta Oil Sands PR offensive in Washington, DC.

The post that had everyone so upset was on Steven's put up this morning entitled “Mission Accomplished” - a somewhat ironic and inappropriate pronouncement for the deputy minister. Ironic, in that today is the 5 year anniversary of US President George W Bush's “Mission Accomplished” speech in which he claimed that the war in Iraq was over.

And Stevens “Mission Accomplished” claim is inappropriate coming the day after the Alberta Oil Sands made international headlines when 500 migrating ducks turned up dead after landing on one of the Oil Sands toxic oceans of tar sand tailings.

I'd show you all of this on the Deputy Premier's blog, but it looks like it has been entirely scrubbed from the internet. Well, not totally scrubbed. Here's the link to the Google cache. And attached to this post is a PDF screen-shot of the controversial “Mission Accomplished” post and another one of his Blogger profile.


If someone would like to transcribe it, I will gladly add it to this post.

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——-BEGIN TRANSCRIPT——– “Mission Accomplished”

I woke up this morning to a New York Times article that roared off the page, saying AMericans were angry with the escalating gasoline prices. There is clearly an energy demand that is not being met, the article said.

SO while I was primed to defend Alberta’s environmental record to the D.C. media, that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, most of the dozen or so media outlets I spoke to at an availability at the Canadian embassy were more curious about how Alberta would meet that demand. So still no polar-bear suited protesters despite pre-trip media predictions that we’d be dogged by them.

All we saw were two young, polite people who handed Alberta’s Washington representative Gary Mar and I some environmental literature as we entered the embassy.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t know who we were. In any case I found the trip to be extremely successful. Among several meetings today, one with Canadian Ambassador Michael WIlson resonated the most. It emphasized the need to go beyond D.C. to speak to legislators in individual U.S. states to advance Alberta’s interest.

And that’s something Gary and I and members of our government plan to do. FInally I’m happy to report that Gary’s office is quite utilitarian… in a triple A location, mind you. I’m proud of Gary for not ordering any marble fountains or statues of himself for the office.

Mission accomplished!


Posted by Deputy Minister Ron Stevens at 8:33 PM on April 29, 2008 to Transcribed at 8:56 AM on Friday May 2nd by Steve Tsuida for

Technotes: I’ve used single line breaks rather than the apparent double breaks Deputy Minister used in Blogger. I’m assuming that you’ve set your CSS to insert margin or padding after each P element. There’s an ellipse character after “utilitarian” that may or may not come through since the text was edited in TextEdit on a Mac in UTF-8.

Thanks for taking the time to do this Steve - I tidied it up a little and put in some graph breaks.

Much appreciated.

- Kevin