Americans For Balanced Energy Choices Pennsylvania "Clean Coal" Campaign Revealed

The other day we revealed the coal industry's PR plans for the State of Nevada.

We've now obtained a similar PR strategy document for Pennsylvania State.

Selling the virtues of “clean coal” on behalf of the coal industry has been undertaken by an organization calling itself the “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices” (ABEC).

ABEC has reportedly received $35 million from the some of the largest coal companies in the world, including Peabody Energy, CONSOL Energy and Arch Coal, to convince America that coal is the answer to our energy and environmental concerns.

ABEC has even taken to deploying children as spokespeople to sell their message.

Attached is ABEC's request for proposal for public relations work in the State of Pennsylvania. Here's some of the highlights:

Campaign Goals

· Increase general public awareness of the importance of coal to America’s energy mix;

· Educate key audiences on industry advances in the development and deployment of clean coal technology;

· Help shape near-term, crucial state policy decisions through the implementation of an effective public affairs and media relations campaign;

· Emphasize industry program impacts to key state and federal politicians;

· Assist and support ABEC in various government outreach efforts;

· Enhance the image and credibility of ABEC;

· Assist ABEC in developing comprehensive relationships with key press throughout the state.

Media Tours/Editorial Boards

Under the project scope of work, ABEC will have the PRA provide consultation and assist in the implementation of state-wide media tours and editorial boards. These tours will take place over phone and in-person using ABEC’s executive team and technology experts as the subject.

Grassroots Assistance

ABEC will work with its Pennsylvania coalition members and the PRA to identify communities critical to helping shape policy at the grassroots level. ABEC will look to use the PRA to assist in identifying speaking opportunities to key groups and to obtain media coverage for these events.

Regulatory/Legislative Communications

As part of ABEC’s broader, national communications campaign, a primary objective is to defeat unreasonable regulations that negatively impact the coal-based utility industry. ABEC will look to the PRA to assist in implementing communications strategies and tactics designed to assist in defeating such regulations when/if they arise.

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