America's Real Climate Policy -- $35 Billion for New Coal Plants

A Depression-era program to bring electricity to rural areas is using taxpayer money to provide billions of dollars in low-interest loans to build coal plants even as Congress seeks ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The beneficiaries of the government's largesse – the nation's rural electric cooperatives – plan to spend $35 billion to build conventional coal plants over the next 10 years, enough to offset all state and federal efforts to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over that time.


One wonders if these rural electric cooperative assoc. congressional folks are living on a different plant. They need to be sent a copy of the Inconvenient Truth - ASAP.

Since the need for electrical power is not going to diminish in a country whose population is growing, perhaps the answer is CO2-free nuclear power. Shouldn’t Desmoggers logically be promoting this source?

Ahh nuclear power, the mixed bad of energy production. On one hand you have relatively low CO2 emissions, construction and concrete of course that go into making the plants generate CO2 but the operation is relatively emission free and most modern reactors are quite safe. Thats the good, the bad is nuclear is incredibly expensive to operate, generates waste that will hang around for over 10,000 years and there arnt too many places that want to store it. To further the concern is the potential for weapons grade waste to be produced and used by so many wanting nations and people in general are somewhat fearful of its reputation after Chernobyl. Its something could be done about the costs, its likely something that’ll get a good second look at some point. Its hard to promote nuclear and its hard to dismiss it at the same time.

Remember this article here where Johann I Kanada posted a reference to an article by Dr. Reid Bryson, who argues that CO2 is not that important in climate change?

I thought it was interesting that Bryson’s article was printed in the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News

Maybe now we can see a connection.

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