An Electric Car for Real Men ...

… or for those rare women who are up for high-speed handbreak turns in gas station parking lots.

The Tango may not turn out to be the Model A of the new millennium, but it serves as a good example of what Detroit might be doing if it was serious about producing energy-efficient and smog-blocking alternatives. Unlike most of the experimental electric cars to date, this also looks like it would be serious fun: 0-60 mph in 4 seconds; 150 mph top end; and a race-ready roll cage to keep you safer than the easily crushed occupants of your average truck-frame SUV.

If you dare go to the Tango order form, you’ll see that the current price is more than 100K US. The 20K version “will require a team of engineers, tens of millions of dollars, and at least 18 months to meet all of the safety requirements.” If that sounds bad, look at it this way: if GM diverted one per cent of its annual advertising budget to this project, we would all be parking perpendicular by mid 2007.