Another Compilation of Sobering Climate Stories

Thu, 2006-04-06 21:31Richard Littlemore
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Another Compilation of Sobering Climate Stories

Kudos to Steven Hume of the Vancouver Sun, always a voice of conscience in a corporate storm, for this climate change wrap.

From the Vancouver Sun:

Let's commend BC Hydro for asking a big question

“A Vancouver-based company unveils a plan to exploit North America's gluttonous energy appetite by strip mining and gasifying 30 million tonnes of coal in the Mackenzie Valley – enough that if it were loaded into pickup trucks one tonne at a time the lineup would reach around the earth's equator three-and-a-half times.”
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Willie Soon fossil fuel funding

So one of the climate science denial industry’s most celebrated scientists has been caught describing his research work as “deliverables” to his fossil fuel funders.

Dr Willie Soon, the aeronautics engineer who dabbles in public health, atmospheric science, solar physics and sea...

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