Anthony Watts

Anthony Watts


Anthony Watts studied Electrical Engineering and Meteorology at Purdue University, but he did not graduate. [1], [2]

He is a former television meteorologist.


Anthony Watts is a climate skeptic best known as the founder and editor of the blog Watts Up With That (WUWT), which primarily publishes articles skeptical of climate change. He is also the director and president of IntelliWeather Inc., a weather graphics company alternatively known as Innovative Tech Works (ITWorks) and Weathershop. He is also the founder of, a project with the stated purpose of documenting the siting quality of weather stations in the United States. According to documents released in 2012, Watts has received funding from the Heartland Institute.

Watts previously worked as an on-air meteorologist for WLFI-TV in Lafayette, Indiana, and later joined KHSK-TV in 1987. In 2002, Watts left his position as a television weatherman to devote time to his private business, ITWorks. He returned to work part-time at KHSL in 2004, and has also been the chief meteorologist for KPAY-AM (an affiliate of Fox News) since 2002. [21], [22]

Watts admits “I'm not a degreed climate scientist” on his WUWT profile, and his primary credential appears to be an American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval. This does not mean that Watts is “AMS Certified” as some sources have inaccurately claimed. The AMS Seal of Approval is a discontinued credential that does not require a bachelor's or higher degree in atmospheric science or meteorology.

Watts's “About” page mentions neither his Purdue attendance nor whether he graduated. Watts has refused to say whether he graduated, and a number of direct queries to Watts to find out if he graduated from college were rebuffed. [1]

Stance on Climate Change

  • Watts describes himself as a person who was “at one time been fully engaged in the belief that CO2 was indeed the root cause of the global warming problem.” [3]
  • “While I have a skeptical view of certain climate issues, I consider myself 'green' in many ways…” [1]
  • “I would call myself what some people describe as a 'lukewarmer' in that the CO2 effect that people have done thousands of studies on is in fact real. However, it is not a crisis. The reason it is not a crisis is because most people do not understand the logarithmic nature of the CO2 response in our atmosphere.” [23]

Key Quotes

May 5, 2014

Anthony Watts publishes a post on his blog, Watts Up With That, entitled, “Houston, we have a dumbass problem,” following a February 24 Oval Office meeting, and subsequent Washington Post article, where two of President Obama's top climate advisers presented “sharply-contrasting images of California's snowpack on Jan. 13, 2013 and a year later, as a way to underscore how global warming is changing conditions on the ground in the United States.” [33]

“So tell me, oh geniuses, what will you show the President after the looming El Niño kicks in later this year, and California has a wetter than normal year during the winter of 2014/15 and the snow pack goes up to something like 146% of normal? What then? Blame that on global warming and call it another “Houston we have a problem” moment when we get flooding in California like in 1997/1998 after that big EL Niño changed the weather pattern in a single year to drench the state? The lack of snowpack in 2014 is all about ENSO and resulting jet stream patterns, something well known for years.” [33]

August 20, 2013

“How is the IPCC 95% certain one side [of the graph] is caused by man and the other is not?” [32]

“The conclusion is inescapable: The U.S. temperature record is unreliable.” [4]

“I believe that our [man-made] contribution [to climate change] may be far less than has been postulated. Our measurement network has been compromised—not intentionally, but accidentally and through carelessness.” [5]

“Antarctic ice is above normal. And the global total amount of sea ice is above normal. So it's not disappearing any time soon.” [23]

Key Deeds

December 7, 2015

Anthony Watts appears as a “Key Scientist” in Marc Morano’s documentary film, Climate Hustle, which debuted on December 7, 2015, in Paris, France during the COP21 United Nations summit on climate change. [42] The film chiefly showcases Morano's personality, a range of discredited scientists, and no new factual information about climate change.

Other notable “Key Scientists” featured in Climate Hustle include: [42]

November 13, 2015

After the terror attacks in Paris, Anthony Watts publicly tweeted a suggestion that maybe Obama should “rethink his priority on climate change being the biggest threat to the planet”:

Watts linked the tweet to a post on his blog Watts up With That where he also added a poll asking “In wake of terror attacks today, should the COP21 Paris Climate Conference be canceled?” [41]

June 11-12, 2015

Anthony Watts was a speaker on Panel 2: “Climate Science and Accurate Data,” at the Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC10) in Washington, D.C., with Roy Spencer and J. Scott Armstrong. [39]

View Anthony Watts’ Panel 2 presentation at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC10, below: [40]

March, 2015

Anthony Watts is one of several climate change skeptics cc'd on an email from S. Fred Singer in hopes of countering the documentary film “Merchants of Doubt,” which exposes the network of climate change skeptics and deniers hoping to delay legislative action on climate change.  

The October, 2014 email was leaked to journalists a few months before the documentary was released. “Can I sue for damages?” Singer asked in the email. “Can we get an injunction against the documentary?”

InsideClimate News reports in their article “Leaked Email Reveals Who's Who List of Climate Denialists,” how “Many of those copied on the email thread, such as Singer and communications specialist Steven Milloy, have financial ties to the tobacco, chemical, and oil and gas industries and have worked to defend them since the 1990s.”[38]

InsideClimate News also documented all those who were cc'd on the email, including the following skeptics and groups:

DeSmogBlog covered the emails here: “Merchants of Doubt Film Debuts, Textbook Denial Attack Campaign Led By Fred Singer Ensues” and DeSmogBlog also archived a full copy of the Singer email thread (PDF)

December, 2014

Anthony Watts is a contributor to the book Climate Change: The Facts published by the Institute of Public Affairs and featuring “22 essays on the science, politics and economics of the climate change debate.” The Institute of Public Affairs, while not revealing most of its funders, is known to have received funding from mining magnate Gina Rinehart and at least one major tobacco company. 

The book includes essays and articles from a range of climate change skeptics, with contributors including the following:

According to Editor Alan Moran in a post at Catallaxy Files blog, Anthony Watts's contribution is to illustrate “the trivial level of temperature rise that has occurred over the past century (with no increase in the past eighteen years). He notes the change in language by alarmists from ‘warming’ to ‘climate change’ in an attempt to substitute extreme climate events for the now non-existent warming trend. His examination of these extreme events— snow, storms, rainfall—shows an absence of evidence to indicate marked change over recent decades.” [37]

July 7 - 9, 2014

Anthony Watts was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas, Nevada. [35]

DeSmogBlog has done in-depth research on the other speakers and sponsors from Heartland's ICCC9, which can be found here.

June 9, 2014

Anthony Watts registered the domain,, and subsequently announced on September 16, 2014 the launch of a new organization, The Open Atmospheric Society, which Watts said “takes a new approach to atmospheric science, becoming the first international society of its kind to be a cloud-based online organization.”

According to Watts' announcement of the OAS: “The purpose of The OAS is to provide a paperless and entirely online professional organization that will represent individuals who have been unrepresented by existing professional organizations that have become more activist than science based in their outlook. It also aims to provide a professional peer reviewed publication platform to produce an online journal with a unique and important requirement placed up-front for any paper submitted; it must be replicable, with all data, software, formulas, and methods submitted with the paper. Without those elements, the paper will be rejected. This focus on replicability up front is not found in other similar organizations that publish scientific results.” 

June 6, 2014

Anthony Watts cross-posts a piece on his blog, Watts Up With That, written by Christopher Monckton for the Heartland Institute entitled, “End of an error,” regarding The Ninth International Heartland Conference on Climate Change in “the City of American Culture,” Las Vegas, from July 7-9. [34]

December, 2012

WUWT covered a “Leak” of the Independent Panel on Climate Change's AR5 report. Blogger Alec Rawls claims that the leak, for which he was the originator, contains a “game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing,” while Anthony Watts called it a “bombshell.” Alec Rawls is a blogger with no scientific experience who had volunteered to review the report. [24], [25], [26]

IPCC author Dr. Richard Klein of the Stockholm Environment Institute commented that “It beggars belief to see how people, apparently without relevant knowledge, could make up such nonsense and get the blogosphere buzzing.” [27] Media Matters also investigated, and talked to Dr. John Abraham of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team who said even if cosmic rays did have an effect on global temperatures that “they would currently be having a cooling effect.” [28]

July, 2012

Anthony Watts released a pre-publication paper titled An area and distance weighted analysis of the impacts of station exposure on the U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperatures and temperature trends which disputes previous findings that the position of surface stations had no effect on temperature readings with regards to global warming. According to Watts, “The new rating method employed finds that station siting does indeed have a significant effect on temperature trends.”

The press release, published at the Watts Up With That blog suggests that the study demonstrates that “half of the global warming in the USA is artificial” and that “U.S. Temperature trends show a spurious doubling due to NOAA station siting problems and post measurement adjustments.” [19] This is a variation on the argument originally proposed by Anthony Watts after his implementation of the “Surface Stations” project, but which has been since refuted. Skeptical Science reviewed the paper and found that overall “the conclusion is not supported by the analysis of the paper itself.” [20]

May 21 - 23, 2012

Anthony Watts was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's 7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7).

DeSmogBlog researched the co-sponsors behind Heartland's ICCC7 and found that they had collectively received over $67 million from ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers and the conservative Scaife family foundations.

June 30-July 1, 2011

Keynote speaker at the Heartland Institute's Sixth International Conference on Climate Change. [6]

March, 2011

Watts recently praised the Berkeley Earth project, which was chaired by Richard Muller and set out to “resolve current criticism of the former temperature analyses, and to prepare an open record that will allow rapid response to further criticism or suggestions.” The study also evaluated Watt's concerns about weather station locations. 

Watts had declared he was “prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong.” Muller testified before congress on March 31, 2011 where he released preliminary results showing “a global warming trend that is very similar to that previously reported by the other groups [NOAA, NASA, and the Hadley Center Climate Research Unit (CRU)s].” [7], [8][43]

Muller addressed Watts's concerns, mentioning how “Many US stations have low quality rankings according to a study led by Anthony Watts. However, we find that the warming seen in the 'poor' stations is virtually indistinguishable from that seen in the 'good' stations.”
Instead of accepting the results as he promised, Watts dismissed the hearing as “post normal science political theater.” And one of the regular contributors on his site dismissed Professor Muller as “a man driven by a very serious agenda.”


According to documents from the Heartland Institute, the think tank paid Watts $88,000 for his efforts on the “Weather Stations” project in 2011, with additional funding promised for 2012.

The project would take data fromthe National Aeronautics and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and convert them “into easy-to-understand graphs that can be easily understood by weathermen and the general interested public.”

June 2010

Watts flies to Australia for a round-the-country speaking tour organised by members of the minor political party, No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (now renamed the Freedom and Prosperity party).  Watts spoke alongside climate science denier David Archibald, whom Watts thanked for helping to organise the schedule.  

March 2010

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's Fourth International Conference on Climate Change. [9]

Oct 2010

In October 2010 the Christian Science Monitor published an Op-Ed by Watts likening climate contrarian Hal Lewis's resignation from the American Physical Society to the excommunication of Martin Luther. [10]

The American Physical Society strongly disagreed, saying “In light of the significant settled aspects of the science, APS totally rejects Dr. Lewis' claim that global warming is a 'scam' and a 'pseudoscientific fraud.'” [11]

November, 2009

Watts Up With That was one of the first blogs to receive the link to a set of illegally obtained files from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU). These files would later be viewed as 'Climategate' or 'Switfthack,' after a group of climate change skeptics including Steven Mosher,  Steve McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, Patrick Condon, Lucia Liljegren, Charles Rotter and Anthony Watts had gone through the stolen material and released information that they purported to suggest a controversy among climate scientists.

The individual who obtained the e-mails hacked onto, a site maintained by climate scientists Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann and others, and then proceeded to upload the file “” He then commented on, listing his name as “RC” at 10:54 GMT on November 17 along with the comment “A miracle just happened.” Approximately 12 hours later, a comment that linked to the same file (this time located on a Russian FTP server) was posted at Charles Rotter, also known as Charles the Moderator or CTM did not initially approve the comment, but notified Anthony Watts. The hacker proceeded to comment on other, lesser-known climate change skeptic blogs including the Air Vent (run by Patrick Condon), as well as on a blog titled Climate Skeptic.

Charles Rotter, volunteer moderator at WUWT made a CD copy of the file and forwarded it to Steve Mosher at around 9:36 pm PST on November 17, while Watts was traveling in Europe at the time and said that he didn't look at the file. At this time, Mosher began analyzing the emails for their validity and discussed them with Steve McIntyre. On the 19th, Mosher posted a comment on Lucia Liljegren's blog, as well as one on Climate Audit (Steve McIntyre's blog). Within the same hour, Rotter of WUWT made a comment on the Bishop Hill blog with the username “devilinthedetails.” Liljegren saw the comment and created a new post, saying that “Steve Mosher alerted us to an interesting development.” Mosher also e-mailed Tom Fuller, a blogger at and messaged Andy Revkin at the New York Times via Facebook. [29]

An hour after the first comments by Steve Mosher and Charles Rotter, and the hacker made a new comment at WUWT asking why the story hadn't gotten widespread attention. Rotter, in his role as moderator, replied to the comment with the following message:

“A lot is happening behind the scenes. It is not being ignored. Much is being coordinated among major players and the media. Thank you very much. You will notice the beginnings of activity on other sites now. Here soon to follow. ~ ctm

Mosher later posted four of the emails on Liljegren's site. One of these new e-mails contained the now well-known “hide the decline” phrase that would soon become the primary message repeated by the conservative media. Anthony Watts posted on the story from the Dulles airport on his way back from Europe.

According to Watts:

“I've seen the file, it appears to be genuine and from CRU. Others who have seen it concur- it appears genuine. There are so many files it appears unlikely that it is a hoax. The effort would be too great.”

It wasn't long before the story spread to a wide range of other skeptic blogs and news sources.

July 2009

When Peter Sinclair posted a “Climate Crock of the Week” video featuring Anthony Watts, Watts complained under YouTube's copyright infringement guidelines to have the video taken down. The video debunks Watts' work discrediting the U.S. Temperature record. [12]

See the video below:

Watts responded to the video on his blog, describing it as “the worst job of fact-finding I had ever seen,” and how it reminded him of “really bad work from greenhorns out of reporters school.” He goes on to explain why he accused Sinclair of Copyright infringement, and additionally accuses the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC) of their their own copyright infringement for using his data that he explains was not yet in the public domain. [13]

The video was later reviewed by a number of US copyright experts who found that it contained nothing that could be construed as anything but fair use.

Peter Sinclair also responded, stating that “In accordance with established YouTube guidelines I filed a 'counternotice', affirming, 'under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.'” The video was subsequently restored.

June 2009

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's Third International Conference on Climate change representing [14]

March 2008

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. His presentation was titled “A Hands-On Study of Station Siting and Data Quality Issues for the United States Historical Climatology Network.” [15]

2007 – Ongoing

Created in response to what Watts describes as “a massive failure of bureaucracy to perform something so simple as taking some photographs and making some measurements and notes of a few to a few dozen weather stations in each state.” is a grass roots organization that uses volunteers to collect information on weather stations that are part of the United States Historical Climatological Network (USHCN) and Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN).

Watts believed that with information collected by the project he would be able to demonstrate that “some of the global warming increase is not from CO2 but from localized changes in the temperature-measurement environment.”

The results were not as Watts expected. A NOAA analysis of the Surface Stations data showed “no indication from this analysis that poor station exposure has imparted a bias in the U.S. temperature trends.” Watts' claims were also thoroughly debunked in a “Climate Crock of the Week” video. [16]
August, 2007

Registered Watts Up With That (WUWT), a blog which provides “News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts.” [17]

Watts is the editor and primary contributor to the blog, while other authors have included climate change skeptics such as Roger Pielke Senior and Pielke Jr.

There is a blog devoted to debunking Watts's regular posts at WUWT. The blog, titled “Wott's Up With That” is run by Canadian Geologist Ben Lawson.

Nov 1995

Signed the Leipzig Declaration which states that “there does not exist today a general scientific consensus about the importance of greenhouse warming from rising levels of carbon dioxide. In fact, most climate specialists now agree that actual observations from both weather satellites and balloon-borne radiosondes show no current warming whatsoever.”


  • Intelliweather Inc. — Owner.


Anthony Watts has published at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Geophysical Research, on the findings of the Surface Stations Project:

His most notable publication appears to have been published by the Heartland Institute and Watts' own

  • “Is the U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable?” (PDF).

The report suggests that certain climate-monitoring stations may yield inaccurate data due to their proximity to buildings, air conditioners or concrete. Watts suggests that due to the improper placement of some of these stations, climate models based on this data may also be flawed.


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