Arctic Melt Now Second Worst

Sea ice extent has fallen below the 2005 minimum, previously the second-lowest extent recorded since the dawn of the satellite era, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center reported last week.


You should be banned from this site. You have nothing of value to say just a load of slanderous comments.

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I wish that the administrators of this Blog would ban people who defame and slander others who are more knowledgeable and intelligent than they are.

Ian Forrester

If they baned people who defame and slander others and who are less knowledgeable and intelligent than your average environmentalist, we would all miss your amusing comments.

“The satellite era isn’t very old and the time satellites have been taking pictures of arctic sea ice is an even more recent thing. I’d like to know when the first meaningful picture of arctic sea ice was taken. (the 60’s?)

Whatever - it’s like yesterday in climate terms.”

Yeah, there may have been no ice at all before the satellites were up!

and there very well may have been periods in the past thousand years when the Arctic sea was open. It’s time for everybody to quit assuming we know so much today.

For example I heard an old 90 year old recording recently where the speaker was explaining that there were up to 100 Billion stars. But now we know there are more than that number of galaxies and in another hundred years our current numbers will be laughed at too.

In fact a hundred years ago people generally assumed everything had been discovered and established and proven. They were wrong and we aren’t so far removed from them. We just think we’re smart. The human race always does.

(and you are no Walt Whitman…) when you state: “But now we know there are more than that number of galaxies and in another hundred years our current numbers will be laughed at too.”
How do YOU ‘know’ this? Your example indicates that you put faith in scientists regarding their observations concerning the galaxy count (as a minimum), and extrapolate, based on their claims from the previous era in cosmology, that the current number estimate will thus obviously be way too low going forward a similar length of time. You are thus guilty of what you claim “the alarmists” do. Caught in your own trap, and why am I not surprised? Because I detect that your ego is too insecure to allow a free and unfettered thought process–you are essentially a coward–willfully ignorant. Your attempt at iconoclasm misses the mark by a large margin. Clean it up or give it up, amigo.

way to take the high road Ian - just relax would you? - nothing written by anyone on this blog is going to make an iota of difference to the world and it’s problems.

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Fern Mackenzie

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Fern Mackenzie

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