Arctic Tipping Point?

Tue, 2007-10-02 10:43Emily Murgatroyd
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Arctic Tipping Point?

Scientists are suggesting that the Arctic thaw may have reached its tipping point and that Arctic ice may disappear in the summer, decades before it was anticipated to happen.

They caution that that this is not alarmist, as tipping points can be reversed but they do say that many models have underestimated the speed of which Arctic ice is melting.

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NASA scientists have brought to life the invisible carbon emissions floating around the atmosphere in a vivid, swirling simulation.

The “Year in The Life of Earth’s CO2” computer model is the first to show in such fine detail how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere moves across the globe.

The new model clearly shows that carbon is not distributed uniformly across the globe. Wind carries away the long streams of emissions spewing out of North America, Europe and Asia, with much of it winding up above the Arctic....

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