Smoking and asbestos okay for you, climate change doesn't exist. Ask around!

Australian Labour Party MP, Tony Burke, pens a great piece today in the  Daily Telegraph castigating “… a handful of sceptics willing to rail against the weight of scientfic opinion,” on issues ranging from climate change to tobacco to asbestos.

As MP Burke rightly states: “We should remember, when those with something to lose ignored the information about the dangers of smoking and asbestos, some very real victims emerged.”

Well said, and as regular DeSmog readers know full well, many of the same people who told us not to worry about tobacco smoke and asbestos are now telling us not to worry about climate change.

Here are a few examples:

Dr. S. Fred Singer
On Asbestos
“The US has spent billions of dollars removing asbestos from schools, and for no good health reason.” (link)

On Climate Change
“So, the global climate doesn't seem to be warming, causing considerable embararassment to scientists.” (link)

Bonner Cohen
On Second-hand Tobacco Smoke
“The Science [on tobacco smoke], of which the EPA avails itself, is that which happens to fit the political agenda of the moment… the one certainty following the EPA's report, is that the available science is inconclusive.” (link)

On Climate Change
“Your granchildren would best be served, when considering climate change that we not allow ourselves to be driven by idle speculation.” (link)

Steve Milloy

On Tobacco Smoke
“Some of the more famous unprovable cancer risks are dioxin, electromagnetis fields, hazardous waste sites, environmental tobacco smoke…” (link)

On climate change
“The notion that humans are contributing to a rise in global temperature lacks scientific credibility.” (link)


Nobody can tell me that smoking is not dangerous for my health, our organism doesn’t need smoke in its survival kit. Nobody can tell me that asbestos is safe when I know for a fact that it’s not, all nobody can tell me that global warming is a lie when I can feel on my own skin the climate change.

Great article. As I mentioned before, I returned recently from Australia and I can’t understand why they haven’t stepped up more in environmental circles. Apparantly “An Inconvenient Truth”, which was just released there like two weeks ago, is taking the country by storm. The thing is, Aussies are very good people and care a lot about nature and their resources. They are just now starting to realize the damage that is being caused to the world. Heck, even their precious Great Barrier Reef is depleting. I reckon in the next federal election there, the environment will be a huge issue and hopefully the correct side will win. I only pray for the same thing to happen in Canada and in the next US election. Thanks again for tracking down this article. I read the Telegraph every day in Australia, I guess I should be visiting their website daily. Kelly Zak