Bali-bound Baird Hiding Climate Information

Canadian scientists say the federal government is sticking to its policy of willful ignorance on climate change, most recently by delaying the release of a report outlining likely impacts.

In a story today by CanWest News Service's Mike De Souza, several senior scientists say climate change has huge implications for Canada.

Melting of the Arctic ice could reveal resource wealth - and trigger conflicts over who should have access and ownership of those resources. Warming could also destroy rich fish species like the sockeye salmon, and falling water levels could disrupt shipping and reduce Canada's capacity to generate electricity.

Yet the Harper government refuses even to release the report that lists all these potential threats: From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a changing climate 2007.

Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn ducked all questions yesterday, referring reporters to Environment Minister John Baird.

Baird, however, is on his way to the UNFCCC (Kyoto conference) in Bali, apparently bent on preventing the world community from coming to an agreement over binding climate change regulations. He has also refused to include opposition politicians, business people or environmentalists in his party.

In every way, the Canadian government seems intent upon going it alone, no matter the cost to the country or to Canada's international reputation.