BC Election Watch: BC NDP Climate Policies

Late last week, noted economist Dr. Marc Jacaard released a scathing analysis of the BC NDP’s climate change policy. As DeSmog writer Ricahrd Littlemore noted at the time:

“Simon Fraser University Professor and (Nobel-winning) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contributor Mark Jaccard has torn the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) policy document into little tiny shreds in an analysis released yesterday”

“In fairness, Jaccard doesn’t use the phrase “laughably inconsequential,” but he posts a couple of nice graphs that show the consequences of the NDP’s previous initiatives.”

I got a lot of emails over the weekend from people looking for the Jaccard analysis, so I’ve attached it to the end of this post for downloading.

You can also find it here in PDF: Proposed NDP Climate Policies for BC: estimating their effect.

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