BC NDP Leader Accepts BC Carbon Tax (Bravo! Carole James)

After election defeat, a conscientious shift

In a surprising and impressive political about-face, BC New Democratic Party leader Carole James withdrew her party’s opposition to the BC carbon tax today - committing to improving the tax, rather than trying to undermine it.

James lost a close provincial election only last month, at least in part because an influential group of environmentalists condemned her party’s position on the carbon tax and campaigned against her.

Given the bitterness that surrounded that debate, you might have expected James and the NDP to dig in even further on the issue, continuing to campaign against the tax. Instead, the leader appears to have accepted the public judgment AND the tax, telling the Vancouver Sun  that BC Liberal leader “Gordon Campbell’s tax is in place. We now need to make sure it’s fair and that it’s effective.” In announcing her new shadow cabinet, James also appointed the bright, likable and decidedly green Victoria-Hillside Member of the Legislative Assembly, Rob Fleming, as Environment Critic, a further signal that she is committed to reasserting the NDP’s environmental reputation.

Many of us on the DeSmogBlog - and many others, as well - criticized James harshly for the carbon tax position before and during the campaign. Believing as we do that a carbon tax is an essential , effective and inexpensive instrument in the fight against climate change, James’ opposition to the tax was, in political terms, a firing offense.

But however ill-advised her earlier position, she has redeemed herself in one, sure gesture. It would be inspiring, now, if Premier Gordon Campbell welcomed her change of heart with equal grace and set upon the path of assuring British Columbia’s position as the greenest jurisdiction in North America where climate change is concerned.


Great move. Carbon taxes are better than cap-and-trade. It is about time that people wake up to that fact.

If they are made revenue neutral, then we have a free and better strategy for global warming and carbon emissions.

For a comparison between the two systems, see the “Cap-and-Trade vs Cap-and-Restructure” link at Exploring New Solutions for Global Warming and the Environment.

Politicans sometimes have to bow to public opinion. Whilst her apparent change of heart is commendable, my guess is that its only a facade in order to redeem some souls lost during the elections. As for the tax itself; what about investing the revenue it generates into government grants for things like solar panels and wind turbines? That way you keep the cash in-the-loop AND you give it back to the people. Time well spent, I’d say.

The NDP released the messages today. “These documents show that the highly politicized public affairs bureau canceled the routine release of these damaging welfare caseload numbers during the election,” and Carole James said that It is clear that the Campbell government is promoting the political interests of the right of British Columbia, information on the economy and financial situation.”

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