Bjorn Lomborg's new book attacked by a polar bear

It seems there may be a bit of last minute damage control over at the Bjorn Lomborg camp.

A heavy piece of the marketing campaign for Lomborg's new book Cool It was the author's claim that polar bear populations are increasing. Lomborg uses this as evidence of his argument the consequences of global warming are more hype than reality.

And the marketing of Lomborg's contentious claim seemed to be working. That is until's Kevin Beger took Lomborg to task over the claim. Beger levels the polar bear claim leaving Lomborg's only defense to say: “OK. But I've talked to a different expert that's up in Greenland, who works for the Danish government, and he has looked over my chapter, and said that it's OK.”

Yep, and I found an expert last week who confirmed that the new book I'm writing on dinosaurs walking amongst humans 6000 years ago is factually correct as well.

Now, Lomborg's book review on Amazon no longer carries any mention of polar bears, but the google entry for Amazon still has the original polar bear claim here for all of us to see.

The unfortunate reality is that it is too late for a correction.

Lomborg's book will be launched next week and the global warming denial industry, the think tanks and their media pundits, are going to jump all over Lomborg's polar bear claim and use it to further their efforts to sow doubt about the realities of human-induced global warming.

Check out this post over at It's Getting Hot in Here for a more in-depth look at Lomborg's new book and the Salon interview.


From Laurie David’s children’s(?) book, “The Down To Earth Guide To Global Warming”:

“Hungry polar bears have been spotted in Halifax and Ontario, Canada, foraging for food in peoples’ garbage cans.” Hilarious.