Blair Will Bypass Bush to Mobilize US in Climate Fight

Tony Blair is to devote himself to fighting global warming when he quits power this summer by promoting an American rethink on the Kyoto protocol.


Another cut and paste job. Gelbspan’s post was lifted unaltered from the first paragraph of a story in the Independent by Colin Brown. If he does not want to write original material, he could easily put quote marks around the material he lifts, and add “according to Colin Brown, writing in the Independent”, or something. Anyone coming by here would naturally and falsely attribute what they read here to Gelbspan.

Anonymous, who bloody cares whether Gelbspan cuts and pastes part of an article of which he cites? What he is doing is bringing this article to the attention of those who follow the DeSmogBlog. He is not reviewing the article for us.

You’re displaying anal retentiveness to the nth degree.