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Letterman on Global Warming: "We're Dead Meat" [video]

As always, Letterman puts us straight - this time on global warming:

NY Time's Andy Revkin on the 'Allure of Clean Coal'

On his NY Time's DotEarth blog, journalist Andy Revkin writes:

This enduring notion — that the world can have its coal and climate, too, by pumping the carbon dioxide from combustion into the earth — has been promoted by institutions including Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest coal company (see its coal-sales ticker here), and the Natural Resources Defense Council. A group that pushed the clean-coal theme at the Democratic convention, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, will be heading to the Republican convention next week. Environmentalists have attacked the group as the latest in a string of industry propaganda mills.

Warning: online scammer hypes fake global warming conference

Thanks to the sharp eye of Inel who has uncovered a pretty sophisticated online scam regarding a conference in London called the 3rd Global Warming and Climate Change International Conference & Exposition.

Polluters Beware

I've often wondered if EPA actually stands for Environmental Pillaging Act, so contrary to environmental protection are the policies and recommendations that often come from this government organization.

However, in a victory for environmentalists, the US Appeals Court ruled against not allowing states to tighten up air quality standards.

Oz to Lose Most Beach Nesting Birds This Century

Migratory birds are the “canary in the mine” for the Australia’s coastal zones, Eric Woehler from Birds Australia has told the House of Representatives Climate Change, the Environment and Arts Committee.

“I’ve been involved in coastal research and coastal management in Tasmania now for 30 years, working both on shore birds and sea birds and in the 30 years that I’ve been involved in I’ve seen at a state level average a loss of 50 per cent of the numbers of birds and the mix of birds,” he said.

A Global Warming Call to Action in Virginia

Want to do something about global warming?

Check out the Southeast Convergence for Climate Action that will be kicking off on August 5th in Louisa County, Virginia. 


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