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Bobby "Not-in-My-Back-Yard" Kennedy; or Clay Feet on Cape Cod

Woefully, it appears that Bobby Kennedy Jr., so fulsomely quoted a few posts on, has clay feet when it comes to his environmental convictions. That is, he's all for saving the world, as long as it doesn't interfere with his favourite sailing grounds.

Climate Change = Tough Sledding

There are days, in some states and provinces, when peddling concern about global warming is a tough sell; in North Dakota, or Manitoba, a little winter warmth sometimes sounds like a good thing. But things start to look more real when the snowmobiles have to stay on the trailer for a whole season. Check out the attached Canadian Press story on the state of prairie weather this winter.

The Slippery Slope of Climate Change Denial

A great post at www.OpEdNews.com asks – and answers – the question of whether we dare ignore the debate on evolution.

The principal argument is that we should not allow habits of thought that invite or facilitate deception and manipulation. WriterAndrew Bard Schmookler says:

“It matters whether people follow their authorities blindly or they develop the critical capabilities to think for themselves. Perhaps it’s fine to give the Bible unquestioning credence, but unquestioning trust in the declarations of political authorities can be dangerous.”

The Great U. S. of A. -- Where Weather is Hot and Policy is Not

Check this attachment for one round up of extreme weather events in 2005.

Happy Hallowee ... ah ... New Year

It’s a little past the season, but real monsters are with us all year ‘round. Besides, there is so much to worry about in January (and February and March and …) that the new year should begin with a smile.

An Electric Car for Real Men ...

… or for those rare women who are up for high-speed handbreak turns in gas station parking lots.

The Tango may not turn out to be the Model A of the new millennium, but it serves as a good example of what Detroit might be doing if it was serious about producing energy-efficient and smog-blocking alternatives. Unlike most of the experimental electric cars to date, this also looks like it would be serious fun: 0-60 mph in 4 seconds; 150 mph top end; and a race-ready roll cage to keep you safer than the easily crushed occupants of your average truck-frame SUV.


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