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Bill Maher: Laugh and Be Righteous

It’s possible to be right and still be funny. Look.

Another Batch of Climate Skeptic Scammers

Thanks again to Ross Gelbspan for this post, an Independent newspaper wrap of some of the organizations that dedicate themselves to generating confusion on climate change.

A Fresh Theory on Climate Change

We're not entirely certain these people are serious, but when you look at the stuff that Amy Ridenour writes (see next post), you can't be too certain:

The Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster has postulated that climate change is actually being caused by the decline in piracy. They even have a graph (Global Average Temperature vs Number of Pirates) that is at least as convincing as anything that Patrick Michaels has every produced.

Nurturing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pit

The latest member of our blog team (Alex Vondette, yay!!!), dredged up this Amy Ridenour post from earlier this month, another infuriating example of the circular argument that serves to promote paralysis in climate change policy making.

Spinning Science: Court Rules that Intelligent Design is ... Well ... Unintelligent

The good people of Pennsylvania, who already fired the school board officials who tried to foist Intelligent Design on their children, will be pleased at the court support granted today.

Still, regardless that Intelligent Design continues to be dismissed as a thinly veiled cover for Creationism, sites like the Intelligent Design Network continue to put up credible-looking fronts for this scientific fraud.

On an earlier post, I warned – only half in jest – that you shouldn't show this blog to your children, for fear of frightening them about the future of the planet. I changed my mind; the prospect of letting the ID crowd fill in the blanks is scarier still.

(Conditional) Good News on Climate Change

You have to read to the very last line of this piece, by James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science, but it seems we are not yet at the tipping point.


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