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Some Spin from Adler

On the lookout for miscommunication at the Science Skeptics conference, it was interesting to hear the gentle spin from Professor Jonathon Alder. In a presentation entitled The Fables of Environmental Regulations: A Re-examination of the Reasons for Federal Environmental Regulations, Dr. Adler built an impressive case suggesting that any federal intervention in the environmental regulatory field was problematic.

What Goes Around Comes Around

I once attended a Kyoto implementation process conference in Toronto during a snow storm so severe that then-Mayor Mel Lastman called out the military to help the population deal with nature’s irritability. The deniers, on that occasion, spoke up for “global warming,” overlooking the aspects of climate change that increase the likelihood of dramatic weather events.

It’s statistically and scientifically silly to an equal degree, but I was wishing this afternoon that I could invite those climate confusers to stand with me in the Pasadena sun during the breaks at the Skeptics Conference on Saturday. It was 34 degrees C, 94F for hardy Americans – leaving little room for a comfortable round of global warming …

A Conference with No Skeptics

Climate change “skeptics” attending the Environmental Wars conference in Pasadena sponsored by the Science Skeptic Magazine will have been disappointed by the stark lack of skepticism expressed by the morning speakers. As Sarah is also reporting in the accompanying posts, even the speaker who was invited specifically to defend the right-of-centre political position said unequivocally that that the science behind climate change has been proved beyond doubt.

An Impartial Climate Change Campaigner

Okay, just kidding. Dr. Tim Ball is one of the post evangelical climate science deniers in the country, so committed to the notion that humans are helpless to address climate change that he has launched a personal speaking tour, though not quite on his own dime.

He was recently speaking to the Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board, where he participated in this exchange – an example, perhaps of the care and attention that he takes to his professional interests:

Smug Corcoran Celebrates Kyoto's Demise

Financial Post Editor Terry Corcoran looks a little like a cat with big, canary- yellow feathers sticking out of every orifice now that it appears the Conservatives have successfully scuttled any international commitment in the Kyoto agreement.

His piece today is rife with the spin that we have come to expect from him on this issue:

Movie Week: Conspiracy Theorists Take Note

Conspiracy Theorists Take Note

Conspiracy Theorists Take NoteWe don't know anything about this movie aside from the trailer, but “Who Killed the Electric Car?” looks like a whodunit that will travel well with “An Inconvenient Truth.”


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