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Skeptics 51 -- Reality 49

majority of Americans remain unconvinced that humans are responsible for climate change, or that there is an urgent need to act, according to a poll by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the Pew Research Center.

The XX in Exxon = "Fingers Crossed"

The world’s largest oil company is continuing to fund lobby groups that question the reality of global warming, despite a public pledge to cut support for such climate change denial.

One Solution to the Crisis: Kneecap and Trade

“As Australian companies prepare to trade emissions, climate criminals are cashing in on similar schemes overseas. Interpol has warned companies to beware of bogus ‘carbon credits’ that fail to lower emissions. One Interpol agent said the carbon market would be irresistible to criminal gangs. ‘In future, if you are running a factory and you desperately need credits to offset your emissions, there will be someone who can make that happen,’ he said. ‘Absolutely, organized crime will be involved.’ “  

Nobel Panel: Six Years to Change Course or Face Ruin!

World carbon emissions must start to decline in only six years if humanity is to stand a chance of preventing “unmanageable climate risks”, according to a memorandum, signed by 20 Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, economics, peace and literature.  

Everyone's Mesmerized by the Market -- Except Mother Nature!

What’s the difference between “cap-and-trade” and a “credit default swap?”

Not much!

“All the methods of pricing carbon permit the creation of a carbon market that will allow us to pollute beyond a catastrophic tipping point. In other words, they require us to put a price on the final “killing” tonne of CO2 which, once emitted, tips the balance and triggers runaway global warming.”  

Big Oil to Obama: "Over Our Dead Bodies!"

The Obama administration wants to reduce oil consumption, increase renewable energy supplies and cut carbon dioxide emissions in the most ambitious transformation of energy policy in a generation. But even as Washington goes into a frenzy over energy, many of the oil companies are staying on the sidelines, balking at investing in new technologies favored by the president, or even straying from commitments they had already made.


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