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A Climate of Deep-Seated Doubt

Bush snubs Gore film on global warming

          Is President Bush likely to see Al Gore's documentary about global warming? 

          ''Doubt it,'' Bush said coolly Monday

          Bush has had bitter disagreements with Gore about the environment and other issues. Bush defeated Gore, then the Democratic vice president, in a disputed presidential election that was finally settled by the Supreme Court in 2000.  

Arctic to Skeptics: 'Read My Tips'

Record amounts of the Arctic ocean failed to freeze during the recent winter, spelling disaster for wildlife and strengthening concerns that the region is locked into a destructive cycle of irreversible climate change.

Ambrose Lambasted as Fox-in-Charge of Chicken Coop

“If you're in negotiations to cut emissions and doing nothing but bad-mouth (Kyoto) … you'll do immense damage to the international process,” said John Bennett of the Sierra Club.

Canada Must Quit as Chair of Kyoto Process - Greens, May 11, 2006

OTTAWA - Green groups across Canada united on Wednesday to demand Environment Minister Rona Ambrose step down as chairwoman of international talks looking into ways to strengthen the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

Climate Scientists Shred Hurricane Skeptic Gray's Citing of Inhofe, Crichton

“I anticipate global temperature conditions will change as they have in the past. I expect to live to see the start of a global cooling pattern and the discrediting of most of the anthropogenic warming arguments. The world has more serious problems to worry about.” William Gray, US hurricane forecaster

Harper Government Mulls C.O.P. Out

 Canada backs Kyoto alternative group

Royal Society Nails New Wave of Skeptic Attacks

“It is clear that a number of well-funded and well-orchestrated media campaigns were carried out, by groups that are opposed to the Kyoto protocol … There are signs that these groups are preparing similar media and political offensives ahead of the publication of the IPCC fourth assessment report in 2007.”  


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