Breaking: Waxman Beats out Dingell for US Energy Panel Chair

Just got word that Rep. Henry Waxman has won the nod to head the Energy and Commerce Committee over Rep. John Dingell 137 to 122 in votes.

This is a new day for climate policy in the United States, Waxman is a leading champion in Congress of laws to protect the environment and fight global warming, while Dingell spent the last two years more interested in boosting the Big Auto lobby and fighting against higher fuel economy standards for cars.

Waxman is also well known the “Waxman Hearings” that took on the tobacco industry over their massive efforts in the 80’s and 90’s to fight and confuse the science around tobacco use and cancer rates.

Update: here’s the New York times story on the Dingell Defeat - Longtime Head of House Energy Panel is Ousted