Bush Administration derails Germany’s climate-change initiative at G-8 summit

Thu, 2007-06-07 11:06Bill Miller
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Bush Administration derails Germany’s climate-change initiative at G-8 summit

President Bush locked horns with one of his strongest European allies, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by blocking her bid for concrete long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Group of 8 annual meeting in Germany, Merkel is advocating a plan to cut emissions in half by 2050 and to limit the rise in global temperature to two degrees Celsius. But Bush’s chief environmental adviser, James L. Connaughton, said the U.S. would not accept Merkel’s terms.

Merkel has staked her reputation on making real and significant progress on global warming during this year’s meeting. Bush said he intended to convene major polluting nations, including China and India, in meetings to set long-term goals by the end of 2008.


This is a guest post by Zach Roberts.

As a documentary producer, I watch more than my fair share of environmental protest documentaries — probably about 20 a year. And almost all of them have the same, vague message: we need to do something!

Their scenes re-play like a bad video montage in my mind: earnest young people speaking at podiums, boring climatologists rambling on about the coming end of the world, forest fires, melting ice shelves, you know how it goes. In the lefty journalism world, we call this “preaching to the choir.”

Then there's Disruption,...

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