Bush's State of the Union May Address State of the Climate

UPDATE: White House officials are denying the rumour . I guess we'll have to wait for Bush's State of the Union to see where the truth lies on this one.

After six years of adamant denial, President Bush is expected to acknowledge the need to act on climate change in his forthcoming State of the Union address, according to British sources.


Kyoto issues, excerpts from a NYTimes interiew with Dr. Jerry Mahlman, a “giant” on climate science.

NYTimes article: A Conversation With | Jerry Mahlman:

Listening to the Climate Models, and Trying to Wake Up the World

December 16, 2003

DENVER - “In the stormy world of climate science, Dr. Jerry D. Mahlman, 63, is considered a giant.

Until three years ago, Dr. Mahlman, now a senior researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research here in Colorado, headed the federal Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J.”


“Q. One attempt by the international community to get a handle on global warming was the so-called Kyoto accords, which the Clinton administration supported tepidly, the United States Senate refused to ratify and the Bush
administration openly opposed. The core of the treaty involved a national quota system for fossil fuel use. You’ve said elsewhere that Kyoto wouldn’t have solved the global warming problem. Why?

A. Because it was a valid first step, and only that. The best Kyoto could have done was lower the increase rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, somewhat. Thirty Kyotos might do the job. The real value of Kyoto was to start the process of putting a brake on fossil fuel use.”

[…] http://fscott.newsvine.com/_news/2007/01/14/520734-bush-set-for-climate-change-u-turn

U.S. denies British rumors on Bush climate change
A U.S. official on Sunday denied a British newspaper report that President George W. Bush was preparing to announce a dramatic policy shift on global warming in his State of the Union speech this month.
The British newspaper The Observer reported on Sunday that senior Downing Street officials, who were not named, said Bush was preparing to issue a new climate change policy during his annual speech on January 23.
“While the administration does not detail the president’s speech before it is given, this rumor is not true,” a senior U.S. administration official said.
I wonder if this is a knife in the back of Tony Blair?

Its certainly a snide comment, and one wonders whether the leak was meant to pressure Bush into such an announcement. The UK government has made some interesting moves on climate change with Gordon Brown recently trying to out-green Cameron on carbon emissions.