Busted: Climate change skeptic Ibbetson accused of misinformation

Climate change skeptic and former Kansas police chief, Paul Ibbetson, has been outed for spreading misinformation, by the American Geophysical Union, whose research he used in a recent opinion piece he penned.

The article, Behind the Curtain: revisiting global warming and the war on terror, which appeared on several websites yesterday, stated that:
As early as 1992, Gore was touting that 98% of scientists agreed with him on the global warming issue. In reality, a survey of the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Society taken in the same year found that only 17% of scientists endorsed the greenhouse gas climate theory.
The American Geophysical Union came out today with a letter to the editor decrying Ibbetson's claim. To quote:
The incorrect and incomplete data from the 1991 survey that you repeat have been passed around and published in op-eds and, more recently, blogs by climate change skeptics for years, but repetition does not make misinformation correct.
Not too often do we see a police chief busted!