California Making Green

Looks like being green is good for the economy after all. reported on a non profit group called Next 10 and their 'Green Innovation Index' drawing the link between California's climate change action and that state's economic growth.

Surprise, surprise (not), looks like California has incurred some major economic benefits from going green, including the fact that Californians pay less on their utility bills and so far have saved $56 billion dollars through tough building and appliance standards.


I’ve not been able to read the Next10 report. California has most of it’s population on a nice coast, receiving a lot of maritimity. So it’s not very surprising that they would need less CO2 per capita to stay warm, cool, etc. I’m surprised that their crappy transit and over-use of cars doesn’t sink them in terms of rankings. Perhaps a review of the methods would be helpful, but I can’t help feeling optimistic when I read the summary.

Thanks for posting this. I definitely feel that there are so many win-win solutions out there that it might or might not make sense to continue the fight over convincing people about the validity of the science, at least exclusively. Maybe move on to focus more on Desmogging the fallacious economic, technological and social arguments against change which are out there?

I know it’s worked for me. I’ve had many conversations with others who for some reason, or lack of reason, deny the science. These conversations transform for the better when we start talking solutions and their multiple benefits, including economic ones. I’ll not forget talks with an old engineering Ph.D. who doesn’t believe the science (or at least fully). Once I loaned him two books by Amory Lovins ( and we were suddenly much happier to chat with each other! And when it comes to acting to solve climate, people are definitely in need of more common ground on which to talk with each other. What a beautiful service that would be…

Going green might be gaining popularity but I doubt most politicians really give a hoot about the environment. They just go with the headlines to make themselves look good, that’s all.
When the cameras are turned off, they get in their big SUVs or limos and go home.