Canada's Environment minister out?

The hyper-active rumour mill in Canada's capital is in full throttle today with speculation that Environment Minister Rona Ambrose may be on the way out. This coming at the same time as former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney stating that the ruling Conservative party will be in trouble if they don't start showing some teeth on the environment front.

As DeSmog has chronicaled, the current environment Minister, Rona Ambrose, has been far from spectactular on the climate change portfolio, beginning with a culling of the federal government's climate change website, carried by major cuts to climate change departments and topped off with a poor showing at the UN's climate change conference in Nairobi last month. Not to mention a much-hyped, but a now much-hidden US-modeled “made in Canada” approach to climate change.

With environment registering as the most important issue for the Canadian electorate and rumours of an impending election, watch the Conservative Party do everything they can to throw on a quick coat of green paint.


It doesn’t really matter who Harper puts in there. The message will remain the same. Ambrose’s replacement would be just as bad.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same…”

That in Ross Gelspan’s article two entries up, the seals come from “North Rona”, while at the same time she may be heading “south”.

In my defence, in Gaelic Ireland, what is the national symbol? The Harp. Look at your Guinness label next chance. Weird. OK, I’ve sealed my fate. Time to move on. Cheers (It’s good for you).