Canadian Climate Change Censorship Revisited

The DeSmogBlog has reported the federal Conservative Party's revisionism on climate change before, but this piece by the InterPress News Service's Bill Berkowitz adds some interesting material. Look especially at the “I-was-only-giving-orders” defence offered by the king of linguistic manipulation, Frank Luntz:

“When asked about the advice about climate change that he had been giving for years, Luntz said it was fair when he gave it. He added that if the Bush administration is still questioning the science, “That's up to the [them]. I'm not the administration. What they want to do is their business. And it's nothing to do with what I write. And it's nothing to do with what I believe.””


If you know the URLs of some of the pages, they may still be there. For example the Reuters story ( gives this URL for the GHG calculator:

As of today, it was still accessible. 

In addition, it seems that Health Canada hasn’t got the ‘delete everything climate-related’ message yet. There’s quite a bit of health-related stuff there: 

Also, does anybody know of a web archive that may have stored the web pages that have already been deleted? 

If you have the URL of a lost page, try the Wayback Machine at