Canadian Environment Minister Dismisses Stolen Emails

“It does not change the position of Canada”

Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice told the National Post that the emails stolen from the University of East Anglia would not change the position that Canada is taking to the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen this week.

“The science overall is relatively clear on all of this and as a conservationist and as a responsible environmental steward Canada wants to see carbon emissions reduced,” Prentice said.

Prentice and the Canadian government have been winning criticism lately for being neither preservationist nor environmentally responsible in the position that it brings to the climate conference. Canada has abrogated its Kyoto commitment, nominated an inadequate target for emission reductions and made no public plan to meet even that disappointing goal.

The minister also seems to show his hand in saying that the science behind climate change is only “relatively” clear - leaving the door ajar for those who continue to argue the contrary case.

But it has to be an optimistic sign that he would not choose, at this juncture, to use the emails as an excuse for Canada’s intransigence. You might even hope it presages a new and more responsible international position.


Agreed. When I read this story I was pleasantly surprized to see the conversatives taking this position. Its a smart one, clearly they are not listening to those with little scientific educations/think tank, lobyists for the moment at least.

Just curious is Tim Ball still meeting with the cons giving presentations?

… and because the science is clear, We, the Government of Canada have decided to cancel the planned mega expansion of the oil sands. We realize that because of this we will be destroyed in the next election and will never be heard from again, but it’s the principle of the thing.

okay everybody wake up from your daydream now.

Harper and the conservatives are doing what they do best, stratle the public opinion until it is clear which direction the wind is blowing. As I understand their position is to keep Canada in line with our major trading partners. That is the best we can do as we are not a large nation. I doubt we will see reductions to 80% by 2050 but we will see gradual technological reductions over time as technology permits. That is the sound position, however if we see some kind of emissions trading scheme origionating in Copenhagen, it will be game over for Harper and the canadian economy. CoppenHagen has the potential to oust harper from power if it changes the current emissions strategy canada is employing based on emission per economic output.

The politics are always the last to catch up to public opinion. Look for the direction the world goes out of US, India and China, they will determine the direction the world goes.

“Thank God our Government is thinking like the rest of the World”

Well that sure gives me heaps of confidence!