Canadian government's evolving climate change policy all hot air

The Conservative government first denied the scientific evidence for man-made global warming. They then accepted that something needed to be done, but it needed to be a “Made in Canada” solution. 

Now, the Conservative government appears to be shucking the “Made in Canada” talking point for an “international agreement” one.

Environment Minister spokesman, Mike Van Soelen said in a recent interview that, “Canada's position has been clear. Any agreement on climate change needs to include large emitting countries like China, India and the United States. We have also insisted that a global effort on climate change is needed.”

If by clear, you mean the exact opposite of clear, then yes, Canada's approach has been absolutely crystal clear.

What's next “an intergalactic approach?” Maybe if it does well in focus groups.  


You don’t lead by doing nothing.

Ironically, the present Cdn government was faced with a decision to cancel a tax-shelter of disproportionately oil companies, and made the right call. Then they changed their minds and “delayed” the closing of the tax-shelter until beyond the next election. The cancelling of the tax-shelter was never marketed as environmentally friendly despite there being no political danger of losing ridings.
The same tax policies that were used to build up oil could be used to build the biggest and most modern (the Ontario autoplants of wind power) wind-turbine manufacturing facilities on Earth, instead of importing from Europe. The turbines produced could corner the American Plains market (ND through Texas). Alberta could use its wealth to save the planet, instead of blocking progressive environmental legislation.

Just read a really good article at – “Jeers for Volunteers”, pointing out that only mandatory action on a massive scale will make a real difference. By all means follow the list of “10 things you can do …”, but get nagging your political reps at all levels to start taking REAL action. I’m going to take a break from jousting with the jesters & puppets and start writing to the guys pulling the strings in government. The deniers have succeeded in distracting our energies by engaging us in these comment strings (they can really get under your skin, like chiggers), when we should really be targetting Harper, Baird, McGuinty (or equivalent) and local councillors. Maybe next time, instead of rising to the bait posted by the regulars who keep popping up here, why not fire off an email to your MP first, and THEN deal with the drivel?