Canadian Pollution Regulation Likely a CO2 Abdication

This kite in the National Post  today suggests that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper plans to introduce a “made in Canada” Kyoto plan that has almost nothing to do with CO2.
According to the Post story - no doubt leaked to the Tories favourite paper so they could test public reaction - the new legislation will get tough on the air pollution elements that make Toronto smoggy, and at times dangerous.
But the Post reports that “while the government will be clear about its goals for air pollution, it is likely to be more nuanced on its plans for climate change. ”
“Nuanced”? Oxford suggests that nuance means “a subtle difference or shade of meaning.” But all the signs point to the Tories continuing to deny the urgency or action on greenhouse gases.
See the next post for a sense of the current government's spin on climate science.