CEI Coal Booster Says Greenhouse Gas is Good For You

There was a small pro-coal rally held in Washington, DC on Monday and the National Wildlife Federation was able to catch snippets of one of the pro-coal keeners talking to the media. The rally was organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) as a counter to the 2,000 youth who held a massive rally demanding action on climate change on the same day.

Word on the street is that the 20 or so who rallied in support of coal were mainly CEI staffers, in fact when one of the coal supporters was asked why they were there, his response was, “I don’t know I’m just an intern.”

The woman in the video below is Ann McElhinney, a British filmaker touting her most recent work “Not Evil Just Wrong.”

To give you an idea where McElhiney is coming from, her last film project was called “Mine Your Own Business” which according to the Wikipedia entry “investigate[d] controversial proposed mining projects in impoverished villages.” The film, “portrays western environmentalists as wealthy elites who are working counter to the interests of the local people.”

The pro-mining film was financed by a Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources Ltd., which is the same foreign corporation that at the time was looking to develop Roşia Montană as an open pit gold mine.

So a leap from pro-mining to pro-coal to arguing that CO2 is good for us wasn’t a hard one for Ms. McElhinney.

Here’s a partial transcript:

“I’ve been around this country making our film and people are driving their white cars… snow white, so if you look at this idea of black stuff coming out, it’s not. C02 is not dangerous. C02 is what you push into greenhouses to make things grow this is a good thing, you know.”

And here’s the video:


in fact when one of the coal supporters was asked why they were there, his response was, “I don’t know I’m just an intern.”

Hilarity. I wonder how many “I’m just an intern” folks will be at the upcoming Heartland “2009 International Conference on Climate Change”? Someone should really find out and get them on tape!


A documentary on CBC this evening showed how scientists are modelling what may happen when there is a big earthquake and tsunami on the west coast of North America.  They can figure out the best places to head for if a tsunami is coming, and help people prepare evacuation plans for that eventuality.

I had a vision of the sensible people quickly and calmly heading for high ground, while the denialists sit on the beach with their fingers in their ears shouting “It’s not coming!  It’s not happening!  You can’t trust the models!” and “Anyway, water is good for us!” and “Glug glug!”

The quote about pumping CO2 into greenhouses is a deliberate attempt to confuse the scientifically ignorant public about the greenhouse effect. They hear the words ‘greenhouse’, ‘CO2’ and ‘good’; and jump to the wrong conclusion.

Nothing these creeps ever says is an accident. It’s all carefully worked-out and scripted in advance. 

The goal of Celebrate Coal! is to publicize the colossal benefits of coal-fired power and the need for access to affordable energy,” said Myron Ebell, CEI Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy.  “If the anti-coal zealots are allowed to prevail politically, electric rates will skyrocket for most Americans and many jobs will be lost in energy-intensive industries as a result of higher power prices.”

“Raising energy costs kills,” added CEI Senior Fellow Iain Murray.  “According to a Johns Hopkins study, replacing ¾ of US coal-based energy with higher priced energy would lead to 150,000 extra premature deaths annually in the US alone.”



I have been thinking the same thing. They say that CO2 is a global warming gas yet plants that MAKE o2 need this to survive.

So how can it be a poison?

Yes if you fill up a room with CO2 you WILL die BUT that it because you suffocate from no O2. Not because CO2 is a poison.

Again and again, people make posts here which bear no resemblance to the truth. Some are repeat offenders [e.g: paul s, geologist, gary (gone but not forgotten and probably using a new I.D.)] This is despite evident access to a computer with internet access and the existence of search engines like Altavista, Google, Yahoo, & etc. Often this is clearly Troll behaviour, made with a deliberate intent to derail the thread.

Are you people lazy and incredibly dense, or do you think we are fools? I suspected you were wrong, so I performed a simple search taking only minutes to read some ‘hits’.

CO2 level dangerous humans’, revealed this:

Carbon Dioxide as a Fire Suppressant: Examining the Risks

[From the EPA, so it should be reliable!]


In APPENDIX B - ‘Overview of Acute Health Effects

Appendix B presents an overview of the acute health effects associated with carbon dioxide.

Part I discusses the dangerous, lethal effects of carbon dioxide at high exposure concentrations. The minimum design concentration of carbon dioxide for a total flooding system is 34 percent (340,000 ppm). When used at this design concentration,carbon dioxide is lethal.

Part II discusses the potentially beneficial effects of carbon dioxide at low exposure concentrations and the use of added carbon dioxide in specialized flooding systems using inert gases…,’ [my emphasis]


Even the slightest superficial research rapidly shows that you are entirely wrong.

CO2 is lethal in sufficient concentration. The lethal effects of CO2 occur when sufficient O2 remains available. It is not mere suffocation.




The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. -Bertrand Russell


This was a rush post. With trickier subjects, much more research may be necessary to ensure that the source and information is reliable. In this case, I didn’t bother to look further than the EPA, because it confirmed what I already believed to be true. 

the woman is quite obviously an idiot, and scientifically illiterate to boot. the point is not whether or not carbon dioxide is ‘poisonous’, but the cumulative effect of the emissions on the earths climate. also, she is irish , and not british.