Chip Knappenberger

Chip Knappenberger

​Chip Knappenberger


  • M.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1990).
  • B.A. degree, Environmental Science, University of Virginia (1986). 

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Paul C. (“Chip”) Knappenberger is the Administrator of the World Climate Report, a blog published by New Hope Environmental Services, “an advocacy science consulting firm” run by global warming skeptic, Patrick J. Michaels.

Knappenberger co-authored several papers with fellow skeptic Patrick Michaels and is also a contributor to MasterResource, a “free-market energy blog.”

Stance on Climate Change

“The fact of the matter is that there does exist a growing body of scientific evidence that the climate changes in the coming decades will be modest and proceed at a rate that will lie somewhere near the low end of the IPCC projected temperature range.” [2]

Key Quotes

“…the warming that appears in the compiled temperature history of the state [Utah] may not be evidence of regional (or larger-scale) climate change, but instead may be caused by non-climatic influences on the local thermometers.” [3]

“There is still a general lack of evidence that shows a statistically significant relationship between anthropogenic climate change and weather-related damage…” [4]

Key Deeds

March 24, 2016

Writing in The Hill, Chip Knappenberger suggests that President Obama should back out of the Paris Climate pledge: [9]

“Rather than pay the rest of the world to look the other way, the president should revise, or better yet, rescind that promise.
And now is the time to do that, before the grand signing ceremony of the Paris Climate Agreement that is scheduled for April 22, Earth Day, at the UN’s New York headquarters. Putting our name on a promise that we know we can’t keep would be a disingenuous act, painting the Paris Agreement not as a serious undertaking, but as a global publicity stunt.” [9]

May, 2010

According to ExxonSecrets, Knappenberger was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's 2010 International Conference on Climate Change. [5]



According to MasterResource, Knappenberger has authored or co-authored over 20 papers “appearing in the peer-reviewed scientific literature,” and others in scientific conference proceedings, professional journals, and the press.

Many of his papers were co-authored with fellow skeptic Patrick J. Michaels, and some are published by conservative think-tanks such as the Cato Institute and the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI). Some of Knappenberger's scientific articles have been debunked by DeepClimate. [8]

Sample Publications:

  • Patrick J. Michaels, P.C. Knappenberger, and R.E. Davis, “The way of warming” (PDF), Regulation, Cato Institute, January 1, 2000, Volume 33, pages 10-16.
  • P.C. Knappenberger, Patrick J. Michaels and R.E. Davis, “The Nature of Observed Temperature Changes Across the United States During the 20th Century ” (PDF), Climate Research, July 2001, Volume 17, pages 45-53.
  • J.D. Hux, P.C. Knappenberger, Patrick J. Michaels, and P.J. Stenger, “Development of a discriminant analysis mixed precipitation (DAMP) forecast model for mid-Atlantic winter storms” (PDF), Weather and Forecasting, Number 16, 2001, pages 248-259.


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