Climate Change Denier Inhofe's Law of Impartiality

In a 2003 speech titled The Science of Climate Change, Senator James Inhofe, Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Works and the Environment, provided the following principles that he says guide his committee's attitude to climate change.

“That's why I established three guiding principles for all committee work:
  • it should rely on the most objective science;
  • it should consider costs on businesses and consumers;
  • and the bureaucracy should serve, not rule, the people.

“Without these principles, we cannot make effective public policy decisions. They are necessary to both improve the environment and encourage economic growth and prosperity.”
Per the Teresa Heinz post that follows, Inhofe's commitment to “the most objective science” extends only as far as the “scientists” who will tell him what he wants to hear.


And we have more crap from Terence Corcoran: