Video: Climate Skeptic Twilight Zone Meets the Real World

Sun, 2009-03-08 22:56Kevin Grandia
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Video: Climate Skeptic Twilight Zone Meets the Real World

While the Heartland Institute and the rest of the climate change fringe met inside the Marriot Times Square hotel we hit the streets and asked everyday Americans what they thought about global warming. We also asked them what they thought about the Heartland Institute’s conference. 

Seems that the Heartland conference is more than just a little out of touch with where people are at on the issue.


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Total win.


win indeed. you are fooling the people and they are easy to fool. i wouldn’t leave this video on your just proves that the general lemmings are out in full force. and btw, kevin..there may be the same people here but there are also twice as many..just thought you may have forgotten that in your summary.


If you’re so confident of victory, then why waste your time here?

Seems to me that your argument is self-defeating! Which would appear to

be something that you have forgotten!



general lemmings are out in full force. and btw, kevin..there may be the same people here but there are also twice as many..just thought you may have forgotten that in your summary. full force. and btw, kevin..there may be the same people here but there are also twice as many..just thought you may have forgotten that in your summary.

I gotta say that’s the first time I’ve heard of people saying global warming is good. Denying it makes sense (head in the sand is a common response) but saying it’s good for us just seems.. well a little crazy.

Saying Warming is good is one of the standard responses. The contrarians / deniers /

just make up any old garbage to suit their agenda.

The basic trouble is that since the exact amount of warming isn’t known, [because

the ultimate warming is dependent upon cumulative emissions]. However these jokers

are aiming their garbage at the scientifically challenged, that live in colder climes.

Let’s face it, warming probably wouldn’t sell too well in hot areas.

The jokers overlook the fact that this warming may be already is having undesirable

effects. Namely the melting of the permafrost, outgassing of thermokarst lakes and

melting of the polar ice-cap. The warming is also likely to destabilise the frozen

methane clathrates.

There are many gigatonnes of carbon in these carbon stores. Rather more than we

have already emitted and probably enough to cook us. Add to that the positive

feedbacks from ice-melt albedo changes and methane GHG releases.

All in all, this doesn’t sound so good, does it?

PS I was being hurried by my daughter who wants to use the PC for her homework,

so I didn’t have time to research the figures. [Well that’s my excuse]

There are many gigatonnes of carbon in these carbon stores. Rather more than we

have already emitted and probably enough to cook us. online psychology degree programs  Add to that the positive feedbacks from ice-melt albedo changes and methane GHG releases.

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i agree,
to see global warming effects, just go to Chile

black hattitude

I agree.

This is the first time I’ve heard the ‘global warming is good’ argument.

Granted, I think it’s total rubbish, but it is original.


Originality is not a good thing in this instance. This was a good post, enjoyed it. FatCow Coupon Thanks.

that’s just nuts

Global warming is real, however people like to ignore the reality of it as it would mean that they would have to “change” somehow. funeral homes Thanks.

lets just take these climate change skeptics to a volcanoe and throw them in it. failing that we could all buy eee pc’s and save the environment by cutting down on c02.

I’ve heard it quite a few times, bush for one attemtped to hide behind it. Claiming the the earth was too cold was one calssic argument of the red letter days.

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It is sad that there are many climate change skeptics out there even though there is overwhelming evidence that the climate is changing for the worse.
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Seems that the Heartland conference is more than just a little out of touch with where people are at on the issue.
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so is the institute out of touch or is the public out of touch. i watched the video and all i heard was a bunch of people repeating a bunch of stuff that they apparently don’t understand…not that i’m a global warming skeptic (i actually believe in global warming)…i’m just saying that you’ve interviewed a bunch of idiots. so does that lend credibility to the support for global warming??

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The complete program for the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change, including links to videos and PowerPoint presentations as they become available, is here.

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