Beck's "Climate of Fear"

CNN shock jock Glenn Beck's “Climate of Fear” special was a miserable failure in the cable ratings.

It most likely tanked because it played host to the usual global warming denier gang, using the same laundry list of global warming denial talking points.

People are waking up to this misinformation campaign and media personalities like Beck, who are on the wrong side of this issue, are beginning to look rather silly.

See below for the youtube version of Beck's denier-a-minute special broken into six parts – and check out the research we have compiled on some of the better known global warming dinosaurs Beck features.

Part 1

Part 2 (starring Bjorn Lomborg)

Part 3 (starring Pat Michaels, Chris Horner and Tim Ball )

Part 4 (starring the Hockey Stick and Tim Ball)

Part 5 (starring Patrick Moore)

Part 6


I would think it tanked because the type of person that watches GB is probably apathetic towards issues like AGW… And not that they simply turned it on and realized that his special was going to be biased… Because that’s what GB does (and so much more!) Bah, I can’t stand the man, age does not beget wisdom, common sense does not beget wisdom or intelligence. Common sense it not even common, nor is it automatically correct.

Common sense it not even common, nor is it automatically correct.
You’re dead right!

Common-sense would indicate that: -
a) Dumping pollution by the gigatonne into the atmosphere is a bad idea!

b) Science has more to tell us about global warming and its dangers than the propaganda of the fossil-fuel companies.

c) The best approach to GW is to use the precautionary one. Listen to the scientists, promote & invest in technologies to reduce waste [energy conservation, increased efficiency]. Discourage & penalise or prohibit polluting industries. Invest in low carbon energy sources. Investigate carbon sequestration and other technologies.

d) We shouldn’t listen to the siren voices of the fossil-fuel industries, even when they conceal the source, by channeling it via some ‘independent’ Washington-DC organization.

e) Science has more to tell us about the origins of life and the universe, than religious scriptures dating back to the bronze-age.

f) In the age of science, that belief in an invisible god, like a surveillance camera in the sky is deluded!

g) The ‘Riddle [or paradox] of Epicurus’ suggests that all omnipotent, caring gods are standing on shaky ground.


Look at quantum theory! It’s predictions are not ‘common-sense’, but it’s predictions are proof that it is correct!