Nicely Balanced Look at Hurricane Influence

Here's a short Wired piece adding some balance to an earlier Wall Street Journal article that dismisses climate change as an influencer of hurricane intensity.

The WSJ piece is also worth the read. It's interesting to see Bill (if-I-haven't-observed-it-with-my-own-eyes,-it's -not-happening) Gray tie himself up in knots, predicting more hurricanes of higher intensity but denying that climate change could be a contributing factor. Gray brings an atheist's resolute faith to the question of CO2-induced climate change. Where the most careful scientists acknowledge the possibility that global warming is whipping up fiercer hurricanes - but admit that they can't say for sure - Gray is certain beyond the necessity for proof that climate change is NOT a factor.

It's also interesting hearing someone who can consistently get his opinions printed in the Wall Street Journal complain that climate scientists “have the ears of the media.”


Bill Chameides, at the Environmental Defense “Climate 411” blogs, also has a decent rebuttal to the Gray's WSJ piece - “Gray’s Hypothesis Doesn’t Hold Water” - here … By the way, thos Environmental Defense “Climate 411″ blogs have a rich and growing series of posts on the basic science of climate change, denier points, current news, etc.

Totally agree, Climate 411 is a great blog. Thanks for letting us know about it. I actually just dropped them a line to see if they wanted to swap links. 

For more on this topic, Chris Mooney at “The Intersection” (you can get there through the links provided by has a new book out called “Storm World”. It was very highly reviewed and recommended by the climate scientists at RealClimate.

Greg Holland (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO) and Peter Webster (School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA),have a paper accepted for publication in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A which states “It is concluded that the overall trend in SSTs and tropical cyclone and hurricane numbers is substantially influenced by greenhouse warming”. The preprint can be accessed at: Ian Forrester