US Expert Charges Ambrose Misquoted Her to Ditch Canada's Kyoto Obligation

An academic from a Washington-based think tank is furious that Environment Minister Rona Ambrose used recent remarks by her to attack the Kyoto protocol on climate change. Daphne Wysham, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, said Ambrose is using her think tank's criticism of the Clean Development Mechanism to abandon Canada's responsibility to live up to its commitment under the international agreement. ”I'm horrified by that,” Wysham said in a phone interview. “I certainly don't want to see Canada pulling out, did not want to the U.S. pulling out. We want to see Kyoto strengthened.” (See Attachment for full story)


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This issue was first raised by Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s Green Party - in a press release:

For Canadian media pundit discussion on the environment and the Conservative “plan”, there are some video links here - posting on Politics with Don Newman - to be maintained weekly.

The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest circulation newspaper (not national however), in the centre of a political battleground, Ontario, a region significant to the future aspirations of both major political parties.

In the Wed part of the link provided above, Jim Travers, political columnist for the Star opines:

“The problem is, they’re [Conservatives]  in real danger of being seen as the  21st Century’s equivalent of the last members of the Flat Earth Society, because they are really standing alone almost in the world now, increasingly, as people who are denying the real significance of climate change.”

This is not an insignificant shift. Other quotes are equally notable. 

To Ross, and other American guests, if you view the Friday panel, from the links at , the closest parallels to the PBS McLaughlin Group (if that’s possible), are:

John McLaughlin……….Don Newman

Eleanor Clift…………….Susan Delacourt

Pat Buchanan…………..Greg Weston

Tony Blakely……………Stephen Harper (former Politics panelist, no longer available)