A fresh voice sounds alarm over escalating threat of global warming

Mon, 2007-09-10 11:35Bill Miller
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A fresh voice sounds alarm over escalating threat of global warming

Focusing on global warming in its July issue, Armed Forces Periodical warned of declining standards of living, increased death rates, mass health problems, food shortages and “deepening regional disparities.”

In addition to climate-change, Turkey is bedeviled by world powers seeking hegemony in the Middle East and real-estate speculation by Europeans. Israeli’s and Arabs are also reportedly buying fertile lands in Turkey.

To avert this multiplicity of threats, the article suggests forming new alliances that satisfy Turkey’s national interest.


When it comes to imaginary scenarios involving Israel invading Turkey, if you can’t believe the Turkish Army – then who can you believe?!


On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency's internal watchdog, the inspector general released a scathing report on the agency's failure to control leaks from the nation's natural gas distribution system.

The report, titled “Improvements Needed in EPA Efforts to Address Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Distribution Pipelines,” describes a string of failures by the EPA to control leaks of one of the most potent greenhouse gases, methane, from the rapidly...

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