An Impartial Climate Change Campaigner

Okay, just kidding. Dr. Tim Ball is one of the post evangelical climate science deniers in the country, so committed to the notion that humans are helpless to address climate change that he has launched a personal speaking tour, though not quite on his own dime.

He was recently speaking to the Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board, where he participated in this exchange – an example, perhaps of the care and attention that he takes to his professional interests:

Reporter: What made you come to Ottawa today?

TB: I came to Ottawa to make a presentation on my views on the climate change…. Because the debate about Kyoto….

Reporter: So who was it you spoke to here in town?

TB: I just spoke to an invited group, it was a group of people in the Westin Hotel and there was a conference going on…. I think the CAM…. I don’t know what the conference was.

Reporter: So you don’t know who the people were that you were speaking to?

TB: No, no, I just do what I do, I just speak and I say what I say… Oh and by the way I have never received a nickel from the oil and gas companies…..

Reporter: You got paid to speak yesterday [at the conference]?

TB: Oh yeah, of course.

Reporter: But you don’t know who paid you?

For the complete audio link, go here. 


I listened to most of the interview with the Citizen editorial board and the only conclusion I can draw is that Tim Ball is a paid liar and hack. Just about everything this self-proclaimed “scientist” said can be debunked. Nobody can be that ignorant without being paid.

Here’s a show stopper: Ball claimed that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is not rising! This is a lie. It rises at about 2 parts per million every year. A well known fact. It’s impossible that Ball would not know this.

Even his definition of a common scientific term was wrong. He said that “uniformitarianism” is the belief that things change slowly. It actually means that processes that operated in the past are the same ones that operate today.

If the Citizen had a knowledgeable scientist at the interview he could easily have shredded every argument that Ball made.

I think it was telling that Ball claimed not to know who was paying him to speak at a conference at a hotel in Ottawa. He got paid by a PR firm. Who was their client? Ball doesn’t know or care. Yeah right. He is a paid liar and hack.

Thanks for the post, we here at the DeSmogBlog are working hard to figure out the intentions of Dr. Ball.

If he really is so passionate about refuting the science on climate change, why isn’t he in a laboratory refuting the claims through the scientific method? Instead of a lab, why has he chosen a media tour to prove his hypotheses?

Hopefully through our continued research on Dr. Ball we will get to the bottom of these questions.