As Expected, US Goes Balistic!

BALI, Indonesia (Reuters) - The United States said on Monday it would seek a new global deal to fight climate change after Australia's move to ratify the Kyoto Protocol isolated it as the only developed nation outside the current U.N. pact.


And then there are those countries which signed onto the Kyoto Accord, and then aggressively moved to ignore it. Countries like Canada.

A great day for the UN group as Australia signs on to the Kyoto protocol.

As soon as there is new leadership (or any leadership, for that matter) in the US, they will be next. The same can be said for Canada, however, it could be sooner depending on how much exposure the Government’s bullying tactics and sheer incompetence get. I’ve never seen a minister act as poorly on a government committee as Environment Minister Baird. What a shame to all Canadians he is!

It’s an interesting time watching these “democratic” coal and oil-corrupted governments toppling one by one. 2008 will be a landmark year: the tipping point for the worldwide government Greenshift. We’d all do well to get ready for it.

It’s not the “coal and oil-corrupted governments” you have to get by Toby. It’s the electorate. The reason why Canada has not met its Kyoto obligations so far is because the majority of the people of Canada won’t let any government do it. That may change in the future, but until the people truly give assent, all that will happen will be tokenism. It has little to with coal and oil industries.

Considering that over 80% of Canadians today would call themselves environmentalists, your point about the electorate is not only completely erroneous, but it lacks awareness of your fellow Canadians’ views, Paul.

It is in fact the determined and self-protecting coal and oil industries, and their lobbyists, who are responsible for spreading inaccurate, skeptic science on climate change, and who are also aggressively lobbying the governments of Canada and the US to maintain the status quo.

Keep this in mind: in over 2 years in power as Canada’s new Government, the Conservatives have not signed one single piece of legislation to take action on climate change. Not one. Reported as the #1 issue to Canadians, there is a huge divergence between the will of the Canadian people, and the actions of Canada’s new government.

Now you tell me who is responsible for not letting any government take action on climate change. I’ll give you a hint: it ain’t the people.