UK heatwave hottest in 350

UK's Met Office is reporting that UK's sweltering summer was not only entirely unpleasant, but was also historically significant. To quote: “There has not been a hotter summer since records began in 1659 when Oliver Cromwell's son Richard resigned as Lor Protector of England and France and Spain ended their 24-year war.”

Of course, the “junk scientists” will no doubt claim this as all very natural. However, when you consider a graph like this , it drives home the fact that all of this has been predicted by the scientific community using mulitple lines of evidence (in this case 10 seperate peer-reviewed studies). And as if it hasn't been said enough, the heat felt in the UK is being attributed to our continued buring of fossil fuels, like coal, oil and gas.


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Schoenherr, Shelley Gorny

Kevin Granada, So a hot Summer 06 ‘proves’ climate warming but the coldest worldwide winter in 2 decades proves what, that man-made climate is cooling us?

You can’t have it both ways.. unless you’ve got 2 faces!!

World temperature has changed by half a degree since 1945. We had a cold spell in the 1960’s. Antartic temperature hasn’t changed in 50yrs. Worldwide temperature hasn’t changed in the last 10 years despite record levels of atmospheric CO2. And we’ve had a very cold winter.

Where is your CO2 temperature driver gone, has it taken a holiday for the last 10 years?

Hello Kevin Grandia,

Any chance of an answer to my above question?

I’ll repeat it for you - if the 2006 summer proves man-made global warming does the year 2007-2008 having the coldest winter and coldest annual temp (which wipes out a century of global warming of nearly .75Degrees) the fastest temp change in climatic records.. does this prove man is now ‘making’ global cooling?

Does this prove the highest CO2 levels in centuries drives temperature down?

C’mon Kev, are you sitting on the fence or do you just get off when the data fits the chip on your shoulder and highly selective vision!