Inhofe's last stand

Wed, 2006-11-29 15:15Kevin Grandia
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Inhofe's last stand

Sources are telling DeSmog that on Dec. 6th a last and final attack on climate change science and the media will be mounted by Sen. James Inhofe, outgoing chair of the Envrionment and Public Works Committee .

For his final committee comedy act, Inhofe has proposed an interesting line-up of witnesses, all of them, unsuprisingly, close to the fossil fuel industry-backed war on science. First up will be Dr. Bob Carter an Australian who's affiliations include the fossil fuel industry friendly (and funded ) Institute of Public Affairs. Second up is David Deming, an “adjunct scholar” for the National Centre for Policy Analysis which has recieved $390,000 from ExxonMobil. And finally, the rumour is that Inhofe's final witness will be Dan Gainor who has absolutely no background in climate science, unless you include his commentary on the subject for the ExxonMobil sweetheart, the Business and Media Institute.

So there you have it folks, one last kick at the can and Inhofe continues to drive his head further in the sand. Inhofe, if you're reading this, or Marc Morano (Inhofe's communications flak), who I know reads us, here's your very last chance to somewhat redeem yourself. Pull your head out of the sand, and call some scientists to testify that are not known mouthpieces for the oil-industry war on science. Heck, give me a call and I will give you some names. Or cancel your three-ring circus and go quietly into the night, you've done enough damage already.

Quick kudos to blogger Frank O'Donell for being first out the gate on this one.

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Thank you.
Comedy that writes itself. What are you folks gonna do when he’s outta there? :o) Best, D
I wonder if Morano will still be with us in January. Inhofe will lose staff going into the minority, and I think more staff if Warner replaces him as ranking member.
Maybe he'll start his own “think” tank. All he needs is a website, some business cards and letter-head from Kinkos and voila, you now have Marc Morano, Executive Director and Adjunct Senior Fellow of the Morano Free Enterprise Institute for Media Analysis and Scientific Reporting, the MFEIMASR.

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