Hot off the Press: Inhofe's Mini-Me Morano burned by climate change reality

Here it is DeSmoggers, hot off the press: a live audio recording of the Friday night fight at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference. On one hand: Senator Jim Inhofe's communications director, Marc Morano, and on the other, ABC News investigative reporter, Bill Blakemore, New York Times environment reporter, Andrew Revkin, and New York University journalism professor, Dan Fagin.

Grab it here. Listen it to it, download it, and send it to your friends and family. In other words, get it out. No spin here, just a nice, round denunciation of Morano, Inhofe and the junk science they find in the sand where their heads are thoroughly buried. 


I can already envision the sequel to “Thank You for Smoking”, starring  Aaron Eckhart as Marc Morano….

Yep, talking to people at the SEJ after the Morano spin, it seemed that the overwhelming response was: “I need a shower.” Morano definitely fashions himself to be a big time “spin doctor.”

Is there any way you can post a recording of thursday night?  Hearing the switchover from the for PR guy would be classic IMO.

…Hearing the switchover from the for[d] PR guy would be classic

The Ford guy didn’t even blink…. the PR pro just jumped up out of nowhere with the talking points. It was like they knew the question was going to come up.

No wacki we didn’t get it.. wish we did, but we had some “technial difficulties.”

He’s just so full of crap…did you read Robert’s related commentary on Grist? Check it: