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Hot off the CBC presses!! The audio track of DeSmog co-founder Jim Hoggan spreading the DeSmog message is now available.

Titled Spin Cycles. CBC veteran Ira Basen has been running this brilliant 6-part series all about the world of PR spin. The global warming deniers and their energy-industry lobbyist friends will surely enjoy this special!

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when will desmogblog stop associating their opponents with holocaust denial?

…Johan…you do realize, don’t you that you’ve repeatedly referred to other people at this site as “science deniers”, don’t you? So I wonder, are you:

1. saying “do as I say, not as I do”?
2. applying different standards to yourself than to others? or
3. just a common troll?

I’m thinking it’s a bit of all three, but I’d love to hear your take…

As you will notice, the only people desperately trying to make the holocaust link are people like I kanada. It is a nice little red herring and a pathetic last ditch attempt by global warming deniers. They don’t have any science to back their claims, nor do they have any credibility.

yes, indeed, I used that term (in fact I invented it, as far as I know). First, the difference is that few people, if any, deny climate change. (Talk about a red herring.) Which means that the term “climate change denier” is doubly incorrect. Secondly, “science denier” is more accurate, as there are some (many) that simply refuse to acknowledge any scienctific finding, or scientist, that does not conform to the ipcc dogma. (I.e. these people deny valid science.) Third, of course my term (science denier) was invented as a retaliation to the ignorant’s “climate change denier” slur. Fourth, as you may have noticed, I have stopped using this term, as it really doesn’t help progress that much. I just wish that the desmogblog spin machine could refrain from using its “denier” jargon.

J I K, you deny everything that any sensible person has to offer on this site. You are one of the biggest deniers around. If, as you say, the climate is warming but it is not caused by humans then please tell us what is causing this unprecedented rate of warming over the past 30 to 40 years.

And don’t bring up solar output since that has been shown to be responsible for only approximately 0.2 degrees C of the recent warming.

First, few people, if any, deny climate change.
Does this mean that you’ve chosen the sunspot theory from the denier’s catalogue? Talk about a red herring. The issue, as you well know, is not climate change but AGW. Do you, or don’t you, deny it?

Secondly, the very fact that you dismiss the IPCC’s publications as “dogma”, indicates that you in fact are a science denier, and are in fact refusing to acknowledge any scientific finding, or scientist, that does not conform to your point of view. The IPCC report may not be perfect, but it incontestably is science.

Third, your term was invented as retailation. That makes it right?

Fourth, it really doesn’t look to me like you’re interested in progress at all, since you’ve never shown anything close to restraint in your name-calling behaviour.

Fact is, Johan, this is a very difficult and complex subject. It’s easy to become frustrated and emotional, as you have amply demonstrated, because we’re all dealing with concepts that we can barely grasp. It’s easy and tempting to simplify the issue by demonizing the enemy. I do that, you do that, many of the commenters on this site do that. If you were really interested in an honest discussion, you might think about rising above the tactics you claim to deplore, but instead you’ve shown yourself perfectly at home in the mud, so there’s little reason to engage in serious discussion with you.

Whenever you actually ask a guy like Johan to produce the science he leaves the site. Or he follows up with nothing but baseless rhetoric which is about all global warming deniers have left.

If you google his name (do it - very funny), you see that he spends a lot of time just spamming discussions with cranky wannabe right-wing views, with no substance. His posts are just spoilers that end reading by (previously) interested people.

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Buckingham, Katisse

Jokehan, desmogblog’s cute little pet denier. Isn’t he cute with his little fantasy arguments that global warming isn’t our fault. What’s that little jokehan? You read about sun spots in the financial post. Oh that’s sooo cute!